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Top 10 Best Live Music Venues in Los Angeles

There is no shortage of live music to be found in Los Angeles. Cavernous, state-of-the-art venues with naming rights granted to well-heeled corporate sponsors host concerts for the biggest music artists in town, while all across the City of Angels stretch various lounges, bars, restaurants, and even street performers offering up enticing song and instrument […]

Top 10 Best Hotels in Miami / South Beach

You’re halfway through planning a trip to Miami, and you already know that you’re one of those destination party animals that wants a memorable experience full of luxury and modern amenities…. and you’re willing to open up the purse strings to get that. So then, it behooves you and your vacation companions to mobilize early […]

Top 10 Best Cheap Hotels in South Beach Miami

Headed to Miami on a budget? These affordable hotels on the main South Beach drag that is the center of entertainment offer the most bang for your buck, not to mention prime location and plenty of upside. The Miami that most out-of-town visitors know is the one of steamy summer weather, sheer opulence, fast money, […]

Top 10 Best Rooftop Bars on the Las Vegas Strip

All up and down the Las Vegas Boulevard stretch, various bars offer up libations of the common and obscure variety to entertain the strip’s 42 million annual visitors. Sin City has an infinite number of laid-back watering holes to get your drink on, and it also has upscale spots for dressing fancy and drinking even […]

Guide to Safe Partying When Nightclubs Reopen

Summary: Top Ten New Rules for Safe Post-Lockdown Nightclub Partying Sick? Stay home. Safety first: invest in a quality mask. Really though, any mask will do. Patience, long lines ahead. Hand sanitizer, or wash hands. Six feet of social distancing. Mask off? Only to drink or breathe. No yelling or singing! VIP tables? Sure, why […]

[Case Study] Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Planning Vegas for Large Groups – Case Summary Total months of planning: 6 Total attendees: 20 Total number of suites: 1 Total number of beds / couches in suite: 14 Total number of in-suite bartenders: 3 Total number of group events over weekend: 5 Total number of bottles ordered in VIP sections: 72 Total budget: […]

Planning Las Vegas Trips for Large Groups – Case Study: VMware

Case Summary / Results Discotech assisted a large subdivision of an established and globally recognized enterprise technology firm – VMware – in planning a key agenda component of their annual Las Vegas work conference. Total months of planning: 3 Total attendees: 333 Total hors d’oeuvres trays: 30 Total sushi nigiri servings: 150 Total hours of […]

Top 10 Best Upscale Bars / Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip

Sin City has an infinite number of laid-back watering holes to get your drink on, but it also has plenty of upscale spots where you can dress fancy and drink even fancier. These spots, which are classified into the entertainment category “Lounge” or “Ultra Lounge,” are venues with more visually impressive interior design and decor […]

Ultimate Guide to Planning Las Vegas Trips for Large Groups

Planning a large group trip to Las Vegas? Reach us directly at 415-735-6716 or info@discotech.me. You can also reach us on Whatsapp at +1-323-405-8824. Your absolute circus of a group Zoom chat has just wrapped up, and the powers-that-be have just drawn the figurative “X” on your forehead. All eyes are on you: you’ve just […]

Top 10 Best Bars on the Las Vegas Strip

The one thing that Las Vegas has no shortage of is laid-back places to get your drink on. No matter your price point, music preference, ethnic background, nationality or age, someone on The Strip is ready and willing to meet you at your idea of fun and hand you a stiff drink, in exchange for […]