Marquee is inside the Cosmopolitan at 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd

Days Open

11 AM – close daily during the summer

Does Marquee Dayclub have a free guest list?

Marquee Dayclub has a free guestlist for parties with even ratio. This means you need to have as many girls as you have guys in the party. However, all girl parties are good to go! You can sign yourself +5 up for the free guest list using the free Discotech mobile app. Or see upcoming events and add yourself to Marquee Dayclub guest list here. Be sure to check the pool party guest list details as they vary depending on the event.

There is also an open bar for ladies on most days between 1-2 PM.

On holiday weekends (EDC, Memorial Day, July 4th, etc – we highly recommend arriving early as the guest list may be cut if venue reaches capacity!

How much is cover charge / general admission at Marquee Dayclub?

General admission generally starts at $20 for girls, $40 for guys. Ticket prices can also vary depending on the talent. You can also expect higher prices for holiday weekends.

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How soon do I need to sign up for the Marquee Dayclub guestlist?

You will need to sign up before 9:00 AM the day of the event.

What is the guest list at Marquee Dayclub?

Similar to other pool parties in Las Vegas, Marquee Dayclub offers free admission for customers who have their names on the guest list. Dayclubs offer guest lists as a means to get customers into the club early, to start filling the venue and to get the party kicked off right. (They also do it as a means to attract more female guests, as that is the key to throwing a good party) To get in for free on Marquee’s guest list, there are a few conditions that must be met by you and your party.  

  • You have to RSVP your name on the guest list. (More on this below)
  • You have to physically check into the guest list entry before the cut off time.  
  • Your party must satisfy the gender ratio requirement. (more on this below as well)

When does Marquee Dayclub offer a guest list?

Marquee Dayclub offers a guest list on most of the days it is open for business. There are some exceptions to this on busy holiday weekends (Usually on the Saturday or Sunday) such as Memorial Day and Labor Day. The Discotech mobile app will make it clear which events have a guest list available, and if there are any restrictions on the guest list.  

What are the perks for being on the guest list for Marquee Nightclub?

For ladies, being on the guest list will grant free admission to the club, and will also sometimes include a free champagne open bar between 1-2 PM. Be sure to mention that you are on Discotech’s guestlist to get the open bar wristband/stamp when it is available! 

For men, being on the guest list will include free admission as long as they are accompanied by at least 1 female companion when they check in. 

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How do I get my name on Marquee’s guest list?

You can add your name, plus up to 5 additional guests to the Marquee Dayclub guest list using our free mobile app, Discotech, or on our website here. You must RSVP on our list before 9 AM on the morning of the event. After that time, we are unable to accept new names for the guest list, and you will either need to purchase a pre-sale ticket, reserve a VIP table, or pay cover/general admission at the door. (We recommend purchasing pre-sale tickets compared to paying general admission, as tickets are cheaper and we have a $5 off promo code, DISCO.)

If you have more than 6 people in your party, you will need to have another member of your party sign up for the guest list and add up to 5 additional guests on their end. For example, if you have 10 people in your party, one person will be able to sign up to 6 people for the guest list (1 for yourself, plus 5 guests). You will then need another person to sign up themselves plus the remaining 3 guests.   

If you have any additional questions or special requests for extra large parties, you can reach out to us or leave us a note and we would be happy to help you directly.  

What time does the guest list check-in close?

The guest list for Marquee Dayclub typically closes at 2 PM on Saturdays, and 3 PM on Fridays and Sundays. However, because Marquee Dayclub is a physically smaller venue compared to other pool parties in the city, they do sometimes hit capacity limits before 2 or 3 PM and close the guest list early. 

Saturdays are the busiest days of the weekend, and we generally recommend checking into the guest list before Noon. Otherwise, there is a chance that Marquee Dayclub closes the guest list due to capacity constraints, or the line can get very long.  

Fridays and Sundays are less busy, and we recommend checking into the venue by 1:30 PM. For busier events, such as holiday weekends, March Madness, busy convention weekends, we recommend our customers to get in line by 11:30 AM to be on the safer side.  

Remember: Marquee Dayclub reserves the right to close their guest list early due to capacity limits. By being in line early, you greatly reduce any risk of not being able to get in for free on the guest list. We would hate for you to not be able to save that money!  

Who is allowed to sign up for the Marquee Dayclub guest list?

Only even ratio and groups of all girls are allowed to get free entry into Marquee. Sorry guys.

How does the “gender ratio” work for the Marquee guest list?

For men to get in for free on the guest list, they need to be accompanied by at least 1 female guest or more. 

For example, if your group has 3 guys and 4 girls, all 7 guests will be able to enter into the club for free on the guest list.  

However, if your group has 4 guys and 3 girls, then only 6 guests will be able to get into the club for free (3 guys and 3 girls), and the last guy will need to pay cover to get in.  

Where is the Marquee Nightclub guest list check-in line located?

The guest list line for Marquee Nightclub is located near the main entrance. When you get to the front of the club, you should be able to see signs that lead you to the free guest list. If you have questions, be sure to ask a Marquee employee (they are usually standing outside the club in suits) to point you to where the free guest list line is.  

It is critical that you find the correct line for check in, otherwise you will be wasting time in the wrong line. Marquee has a separate line for VIP table reservations (bottle service), as well as ticket holders / General Admission. Make sure you are in the right line!  

How long does the guest list line at Marquee take?

The wait time to get into Marquee on the guest list will vary dramatically based on a few factors – What time you arrive at the line, the artist playing that day, and how busy the weekend is in Vegas. For example, if you are an early bird and get in line before 11:30 AM, you should expect to wait less than 10 to 15 minutes on most normal dates. However, if you get in line at 1 PM on a busy Saturday, the wait may be longer than an hour, and you may not be able to get in on the guest list. We recommend guests show up early to the club, because it is generally better to “wait” while you are partying inside the club, compared to waiting in a long line while you are outside of the club.  

How to not get rejected at the guest list line

Once you have waited in line and made it to the front of the guest list, the venue can still turn you away if you violate the club’s rules and policies. Here are some things to watch out for:

Make sure you have your physical ID with you. Drivers licenses and passports work great. Digital photos of your ID will not work.  

Dress Code: Marquee will deny customers if they do not pass the dress code requirement.  We have written more about the dress code for Marquee here – https://www.discotech.me/las-vegas/marquee-dayclub/ 

What not to bring to the club: Marquee will reject, and also ban anyone who brings any illegal items to the venue. Please be sure you do not bring any of the following:

  • No illegal drugs, including any THC related products. Even with recreational marijuana use legalized in the state of Nevada, it is still banned from the club. Vape pens will get checked and you will get thrown out if they have THC in them. Marquee Dayclub security will do a thorough job of going through your bag and belongings. 
  • The venue will confiscate medicine / drug containers, even if they are prescription based. Epi-pens are ok though. 
  • Selfie sticks and GoPros are forbidden. You won’t get banned for having these but they won’t let you bring them in with you. 

Other questions about the Marquee Dayclub guest list?

Please feel free to leave us a note or give us a call/text if you have any specific questions. We are here to help you! 

Marquee Dayclub Guest List Promoter

Looking for a promoter for guest list at Marquee Dayclub? You can sign up for the free guest list directly using our app, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716 if you have further questions.