Wet Republic is located at the MGM Grand at3799 S Las Vegas Blvd

Days Open

11 AM – close on Thurday through Monday, some Tuesday nights

Does Wet Republic have a free guestlist?

Yes, Wet Republic has a free guest list on most days!

How do I get on Wet Republic’s guestlist?

It’s super easy! You can sign up using our free Discotech mobile app that helps you save money and find awesome upcoming events, or you can sign up for the Wet Republic guest list online.

If you’re wondering if you can get on other pool parties’ guestlists, we recommend checking our Vegas Pool Party Guestlist page.

When do guest list sign ups close?

You have to sign up online by 9:00 AM the day of the event at the latest.

Who is allowed to join the Wet Republic free guest list?

Even ratio (meaning the same amount of guys and girls), groups of just girls, and guys (up to 4) are allowed to get free entry into Wet Republic is they join the guest list.

What time should I get there?

Although the cut-off time is generally around 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, we suggest getting there closer to 11:00 AM to avoid the lines.

What does being on the guest list get me?

Being on the guest list at Wet allows women and equal ratio group to get admission into the club, and guys can get free or discounted entry as well.

How much is general admission / cover charge?

General admission generally starts at $20 – $30 for girls and $30 – $50+ for guys. Saturdays will have higher GA prices than Friday/Sunday. You can also expect higher prices for holiday weekends.

What type of music does Wet Republic play?

Wet republic primarily plays electronic music (EDM).

Where is Wet Republic located?

Wet Republic is located on the grounds of the MGM Grand hotel and casino.

What days is Wet Republic open?

Every Thursday through Monday from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM. The pool is typically open from mid March to end of October, weather permitting.

Still have some questions?

Have a question or need help getting started? Feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

Upcoming Events at Wet Republic: