Zouk Nightclub is inside Resorts World

Nights Open

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

What’s the easiest and safest way to book Zouk Nightclub?

The easiest way to reserve a table at Zouk nightclub is using the Discotech App. View pricing, see events and make reservations using this link.

How much is bottle service at Zouk Las Vegas?

Tables for bottle service at Zouk Nightclub start at $2,000. Tables in the main room towards the back will be available at this pricing point. The price of a table closer to the main area starts at $3,000 and go up to over 10k. Bottles of tequila, vodka, and other spirits will cost roughly $750 at Zouk Nightclub.

The cost of a Zouk table varies dramatically depending on the night, the size of your group, the planned performer, and how crowded the club is. The most expensive tickets are for holiday weekends and special performances. Here you can find all of the upcoming Zouk Nightclub events.

The tax of 8% and the gratuity of 20% are not included in the table minimum. There may be an extra venue or entertainment fee for exceptional performances.

Zouk table cost by section:

Your table minimum, also known as your bottle service quote, is the amount you must spend before tax, venue fees, and gratuity. The graph below will provide you with an overview of what to expect. See accurate table service pricing here.

Table LocationTable Minimum
Back Wall Table$2,000
4th Tier Table$3,000
3rd Tier Table$5,000
Upper Dance Floor$8,000
Dance Floor$12,000

(The Zouk Table price list above is subject to change based on day of the week and event. Use the form above to contact a VIP host for accurate pricing.)

What’s included with my table at Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas?

If you order bottle service at Zouk, you’ll get the following VIP perks:

  • A Zouk Nightclub VIP host will be there to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. Also, to assist in bringing in additional visitors.
  • There will be no cover charge for you and your guests to enter the club.
  • You and your group will get expedited entry.
  • VIP For the duration of the evening, a table and seating will be provided.
  • Waitress for cocktails.
  • (A server assistant is a busser who keeps your table free of empty glasses and other miscellaneous items.)
  • In your section, there is a security guard.
  • Soda water, orange juice, pineapple juice, and/or cranberry juice that are common mixers.

How does bottle service at Zouk work?

The table minimum, or bottle service minimum spend, is the amount you must spend before the end of the night in order to secure a table at Zouk. If the bottles you’ve purchased don’t meet this minimum cost, you may need to purchase additional items such as waters, energy drinks, or another bottle. A tax and service fee will be included with your bill, so be sure to factor in these addition costs.

Where is the best table and how much does it cost?

The dance floor tables are the best tables in any nightclub. They have the greatest views and place you in the center of the action. These start at $8,000 and can accommodate up to 15 people, depending on who is performing that night.

The upper dance floor tables are our personal favorites. They are still in the heart of the activity and offer a high view, but they are a little more private because there are no people walking in front of you. The cost of these tables starts at $6,000.

You can request VIP stage tables if you truly want to go all out. These tables, which start at $10,000 for up to ten people and are positioned directly behind the DJ, are located directly behind the DJ.

Where is the bottle service entrance at Zouk?

The table service line is on the far left of the venue entrance.

Zouk Table Floor Plan

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