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Top 10 Best EDM (Electronic Dance) Clubs in Miami

Miami has rightfully earned its reputation as a must-visit mecca for electronic dance music fans.  Its annual Ultra Music Festival, one of EDM’s crown jewel festivals attended by 200K+ revelers, is to millennials what Woodstock was to Baby Boomers: a music-infused experiential touchstone that defines an entire generation.  Additionally, the city’s aerial, social, and economic proximity to Latin America – where EDM has surged in popularity over the last 5+ years – has strongly influenced the owners of Miami’s upscale entertainment venues to cater to the tastes of these visiting wealthy pleasure and business travelers.

Looking to go on an epic bass-dropping bender at one (or more) of the most happening EDM nightclubs in the Magic City? We’ve got you covered like an umbrella in a South Beach thunderstorm. A city of international influence and global meeting point to blend together the best of world’s diverse cultures, Miami is home to some of the top electronic nightclubs in the nation. Here are the best ones that you MUST make time to visit while in town.

1. Space – Downtown/Brickell

This downtown Miami all-night rage fest is one of the most well-known electronic music meccas on the planet, and your parents probably partied here and won’t tell you the story about it until you have kids of your own. Space Miami originally launched on South Beach in the mid-’90s, but the scene was such a sh*tshow (in a good way) that its owners soon moved it to downtown, in effect revitalizing that entire part of the city for after-hours entertainment. Today Space Miami might be aging ever so slightly, but it’s still the de facto mothership of today’s mainstream electronic music generation. III Points, Link Miami Rebels, and other world-famous electronic music promotions groups board the Space craft every weekend to breathe alien-level electricity into the cavernous venue. Open from 11PM until ???? (legit though, 6AM is early), Club Space brings world-class house and techno DJs to perform fantasy marathon sets every. single. weekend. Bonus: their VIP bottle service is a stupendous experience, with some of the most professional venue management and service staff we’ve seen across ALL of nightlife around the world. They say you’re not a real EDM clubhead until you’ve seen the sun rise on the famous Terrace of this venue… so are you ready for an out-of-this-world experience? All aboard the mothership!

2. LIV – Mid-Beach

LIV nightclub Miami, Florida

Arguably the best nightlife venue in the city and indisputably one of the best in the world, MMG Nightlife’s LIV is definitely a place any serious nightlife aficionado needs to visit at least once in his/her life. While some nights – Sundays for example – do feature top talent spinning hip-hop and even some of rap’s biggest superstars gracing the stage for live performances, most Fridays and some Saturdays at LIV are reserved for electronic house music… and the venue’s world-class reputation surely draws world-class EDM talent, including the likes of Steve Aoki, Cedric Gervais, and even an icon like Tiesto if he’s swinging through town. A lavishly decorated 18,000 square foot venue with state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting, LIV promises all visitors a night to remember regardless of music genre.  As an added bonus, the venue completed a multi-million dollar renovation in 2018, with multiple aesthetic improvements and technology advancements to enhance customers’ experience.   

3. Story – South Beach

STORY Nightclub Miami, Florida

While LIV’s sister property Story plays hip-hop on most nights, several times a month it features some top-tier and up-and-coming EDM talent. A good rule of thumb is this: when Story’s big sister property LIV is playing hip-hop, little sister – it’s roughly have the size – goes with the electronic music…. and vice versa. Nervo, Krewella, and even megastar Calvin Harris are just some of the marquee names that have graced the stage of this coveted venue. A longstanding favorite for locals and tourists alike, Story offers a high-end experience and premium bottle service along with aerial dancers and a great sound system to set the perfect tone for you to have a great night out. If you’re in town and looking for special events with big names, be sure to check this venue out. However, just make sure to double-check on the artist or DJ in our app before you go, to make 100% sure your beloved EDM tunes are on deck. 

4. E11even – Downtown/Brickell

E11EVEN nightclub Miami, Florida

E11even is a one-of-a-kind 24/7 show and nightlife venue featuring alluring, pulsating performances with stunning live entertainers.  During the day, E11even operates as a multi-level bar and lounge serving top-quality food and strong cocktails.  On weekend evenings, exotic acts, spectacular theatrics, and big-name music artists of both the hip-hop and EDM variety – it’s about half and half among the genres, so check the schedule before you plan the trek! – take the multiple stages to whip the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd into a frenzy.  You might have already heard, but E11even is a nightclub/strip club hybrid, a novel concept that has to be seen in person for its greatness to be fully understood and appreciated. EDM lovers – they do book monster acts especially on big weekends like Ultra Music Festival Week – and nightlife lovers in general around the world will love this spot. You do not want to miss out on E11even on your next Miami vacation, and Discotech offers a free guestlist on certain nights, in addition to presale tickets and of course the VIP experience.

5. Centro Wynwood – Wynwood

Centro Wynwood Nightclub Miami Florida

Wynwood Centro is easily one of the hottest venues not just in Wynwood, but in all of Miami! Offering well priced drinks, refreshing A/C to cool off from the hot Miami sun, a lively environment, and top rated DJ sets, it’s no wonder that Wynwood Centro is a stand out destination that attracts both locals and tourists. The music is loud, the drinks are strong, and lifelong memories get created every night, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in Miami for a quick work trip, vacation, or you’ve lived here you’re whole life, if you haven’t been to Wynwood Centro yet, you have to make the trip.

6. Treehouse – Mid-Beach

Miami’s army of loyal EDM heads have their childhood fantasy fulfilled: having a multi-room Treehouse perched up right in their backyard. Nominated as a TOP 100 Club Worldwide by DJ MAG and Best Dance Club by Miami New Times in 2018, Treehouse Miami sports quite the ironic sky-high moniker, given that it’s an epicenter of the worldwide underground deep house and techno movement. The “Come as you Are” venue has no dress code and is a dark, dank, unglamorous meat-grinder of with a sweatbox of a dance floor…. in other words, perfect for all Deep House, Tech-house, industrial house, and dark techno lovers to enjoy. Would’ve thought that the most low-key spot in South Beach would put you so high above the treetops, electronic music lovers?

7. Mad Club – Wynwood

MAD CLUB Wynwood Nightclub Miami, Florida

Mad Club, located in the heart of Miami’s Art district, features a unique interior design that combines glamour, art, and an unpredictable entertainment concepts that make for an exciting night of indulgence. Mad club puts an emphasis on sophistication, and the venue makes for the perfect destination for a night out in Miami that is more than just a regular nightclub or bar hopping. When asked about its inspiration, co-owner Joey Vega said “we wanted to create something completely different from what Wynwood had seen,” and we believe they succeeded.

8. Mynt Lounge – Mid-Beach

You’re so mint, baby…. and you’re ready for the Miami nightlife scene to feel just how fresh you are. So, sport your finest duds and mosey on over to the newly renovated Mynt Lounge, one of the most chic hangouts on South Beach. Boasting “the strictest door policies in the cityI – sorry gents, unlike other SoBe nightclubs, you REALLY do need to dress to impress here – Mynt is fast becoming one of those Miami spots with its fair share of celebrity sightings. No need to be famous to get in with no hassle though: all you need to do is either grab a bite next door at Mynt’s sister restaurant/lounge hybrid, Myn-tu, or else book VIP bottle service – arguably the most reasonably priced of the cadre of high-class Miami Beach nightclubs – to be living that movie star lifestyle. A VIP table among the elite is a great investment here, because the decor and seating arrangement at Mynt are ultra-lush, plus a thick velvet rope and a set of burly bouncers divide the purely fabulous from the wannabes, hangers-on, and hoping-to-be-minted (pun intended). And of course, house music is the soundtrack of choice to whip the crowd up into a frenzy under flickering lights and mesmerizing balloon-like light fixtures hanging from Mynt’s opulent ceiling.

9. The Ground – Downtown/Brickell

 For all the wonderful venues the Miami entertainment district boasts, the one thing it might have a shortage of – outside of the Latin-infused Calle Ocho, of course – are those quality live music venues. That’s why The Ground makes our Top 10 list: this darling little sibling club to Space – located on the same premises and run by the same management – is one of those PHENOMENAL live music hotspots. Be forewarned, though: the unique vibe at The Ground is a complete curveball from the predictable nightlife fastballs that South Beach deals on a nightly basis. Brick arches and dark mood lighting give this tiny room an intimate cocktail-bar feel that’s super-rare in Miami. For such a small venue, the sound system punches way above its weight, which makes electronic music concerts here – along with the hip-hop, metal, and Latin concerts that rotate through its doors – a true treat to the ears. Those looking to cut a rug in addition to hearing their favorite up-and-coming artists won’t be disappointed either, because the talent bookers are the same folks behind Space and are true professionals when it comes to matching artist sound with the venue acoustics to get the crowd swaying. If your favorite EDM artist happens to be playing here, drop what you’re doing and score cheap tickets on our app for an experience you won’t regret.

10. Hyde Lounge – South Beach

If you’re looking to celebrate at one of South Beach’s best pool party spots, look no further than Hyde Lounge at the super-swank SLS Hotel on Ocean Drive. During the daytime, this venue – known in the morning and afternoon hours as Hyde Beach – is the closest that Miami comes to an all-out, Vegas-style mega pool party. At night though, Miami’s craziest party people opt for wilder nightclub scenes around the city, and so the scene at Hyde resembles, a cool, hip, chill, European-style electronic-music infused ultra-lounge. Between the luxurious retro-inspired indoor area and the sprawling pool deck, the entire venue has more than 8,000 square feet for partygoers to get their party vibes on no matter the time of day. We suggest you give Hyde Lounge a go if you’ve gone too hard or taken in too much sun during the day, and you want a relaxed but not sleepy evening atmosphere that still gives you the option to turn up to EDM if the alcohol suddenly grabs a hold of you.

For more information on bottle service, guestlists, and presale ticketing for any and all nightclubs in Miami, download our free Discotech mobile app! Or, if you’re on desktop, try our webapp!

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Miami EDM Club FAQs

What are the best clubs in South Beach?

Best clubs in South Beach Miami are Hyde Beach / Hyde Lounge, Treehouse, Basement, Rockwell, Cameo, Wall Lounge, and Mokai.

What are the best EDM clubs in Miami?

The best EDM clubs in Miami are Liv, Story, Space, Trade, e11even, Wall Lounge, and Basement.

What are the best hip hop clubs in Miami?

The best hip hop clubs in Miami are Rockwell, Cameo, Mokai, Mr Jones, and Liv/Story (on certain nights – check the upcoming events) .

What time do Miami Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 11 PM.

What time do Miami Nightclubs typically close?

Most close at 5 AM.

What is the dress code like at Miami Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

What do girls wear to clubs in Miami?

The majority of SoBe club girls subscribes to the same concept-short, skintight, lots of cleavage, and paired with sky-high platforms or stilettos.  Animal prints and rhinestone sightings are common here in South Beach. Girls going out in Miami wear dresses and heels, no jeans, no sandals, no flat shoes. The smaller the dress, the higher the heels, the better and sexier you will look. 

How can I book bottle service for Miami Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Miami Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.

How much is clubbing in Miami?

On an average night the cover charge at most clubs will be $20-40. On holiday weekends or events with big talent expect to pay more. You can usually buy tickets in advance to nights with big talent, which will usually be cheaper than paying general admission at the door.

What clubs to celebrities go to in Miami?

The best celebrity hotspots in Miami are Rockwell, e11even, King of Diamonds, and Liv.

What is the most popular nightclub in Miami?

Treehouse, LIV, Story, E11even, and Vendome are among the best clubs in Miami.

Can you get into clubs at 18 in Miami?

Most nightclubs in South Florida are open only to those of legal drinking age. However, if you are over 18 but not yet 21, there are still some events that you can attend in Miami. Check the Discotech App for upcoming 18+ events at Club Space and 1-800-LUCKY. There are also festivals such as Ultra Miami that are 18+.

Are there after hours spots in Miami?

Miami clubs typically don’t close until 5 AM. If you’re still looking to party after that, we’d recommend Club Space (Techno til 9 AM), e11even (half strip club half nightclub, open 24/7), and King of Diamonds (full strip club, open til 6 AM)

How do I get into a club in Miami?

If you’re a girl you may be able to get in for free with a promoter, or you can get there early and hope the bouncer likes your “look”. For some clubs like Liv and Story you can buy tickets in advance. You can also show up and pay general admission. And of course there’s always the bottle service option.

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aerial view of South Beach, MIami

Miami EDM Clubs – 迈阿密十大最佳EDM俱乐部

您是否遇到了严重的“无车祸”和“无迈阿密音乐周”! 撤离并错过了这次大流行隔离所带来的所有“ UNTZ UNTZ”? 不用担心,我们会在这里为您提供帮助,并为您准备好在您最喜欢的夜总会重新开放不久的那一天的辉煌日子。 查看我们的指南,了解迈阿密最热门的电子音乐夜总会场所,并于2021年更新。


迈阿密正确地赢得了电子舞蹈音乐迷必去的圣地的声誉。 它的年度Ultra Music Festival是EDM的皇冠珠宝节之一,参加者超过20万人,对千禧一代而言,就像伍德斯托克对婴儿潮一代而言:音乐注入的体验试金石定义了整个一代。 此外,该市与拉丁美洲的空中,社会和经济距离(在过去的5年中,EDM的受欢迎度在此迅速增长)对迈阿密高档娱乐场所的业主产生了强烈影响,以迎合这些来访的富裕人士和商务人士的口味。 旅行者。

想要在魔幻城市中一个(或多个)最经常使用的EDM夜总会里玩一场史诗般的低沉弯管机? 我们在南海滩的雷暴天气中像雨伞一样遮住了你。 迈阿密是一个具有国际影响力和全球交汇点的城市,将世界上最好的文化融合在一起,迈阿密是美国一些顶级电子夜总会的所在地。 这是您在城里必须花时间参观的最好的那些。

1. Space – Downtown/Brickell

dance floor & DJ booth at Space Nightclub, Miami

这场迈阿密市中心的通宵狂欢节是地球上最著名的电子音乐圣地之一,您的父母可能会参加这里,直到您有自己的孩子时才会告诉您有关它的故事。迈阿密太空Space Miami最初于90年代中期在南海滩South Beach发射,但场面如此秀美(以一种很好的方式),以至于其所有者很快将其搬到了市区,实际上使整个城市焕发了活力-小时娱乐。如今,太空迈阿密可能已经老化了那么一点,但它仍然是当今主流电子音乐世代的事实母体。 III点,Link Miami Rebels和其他举世闻名的电子音乐推广团体每个周末都登上航天器,以将外星人级的电力吸入到这个海绵状的场地中。打开从11PM直到???? (尽管合法,早上6点是早),Club Space带来了世界一流的室内和技术DJ来表演幻想马拉松。单。周末。奖励:他们的VIP瓶装服务真是太棒了,我们在全球所有夜生活中都见过一些最专业的场地管理和服务人员。他们说,直到您看到该场地著名的露台上的太阳升起,您才是真正的EDM杆头……所以您准备好体验这个非凡的体验吗?一切都在母舰上!

2. LIV – Mid-Beach

MMG夜生活的LIV无疑是该市最好的夜生活场所,并且无疑是世界上最好的夜生活场所之一,绝对是任何严重的夜生活爱好者一生中都必须至少参观一次的地方。虽然某些夜晚(例如周日)的确有顶尖人才跳动嘻哈音乐,甚至一些说唱界的超级巨星都为现场表演舞台欢呼雀跃,但LIV的大多数星期五和某些星期六都是为电子家庭音乐预留的。一流的声誉肯定会吸引世界一流的EDM人才,包括史蒂夫·奥基Steve Aoki,塞德里克·杰尔维Cedric Gervais等人,甚至还包括像蒂斯托Tiesto这样的偶像,如果他在镇上转悠。 LIV装潢豪华,占地18,000平方英尺,配有最先进的音响系统和照明设备,可保证所有访客无论音乐类型如何,都能记住一个晚上。此外,该场馆于2018年完成了数百万美元的翻新工程,并进行了多种美学改进和技术进步,以增强客户的体验。

3. Story – South Beach

dance floor at Story Nightclub Miami

LIV的姊妹店Story在大多数夜晚都起着嘻哈音乐,但每个月几次,它都配备了一些顶尖的和新兴的EDM人才。 一个很好的经验法则是:当Story的大姐姐财产LIV玩嘻哈音乐时,小妹妹(大约有自己的大小)与电子音乐一起出现,反之亦然。 内尔沃Nervo,克鲁维拉Krewella甚至是巨星卡尔文·哈里斯Calvin Harris都是在这个令人垂涎的场地舞台上亮相的标志性名字。 作为当地人和游客长期以来的最爱,Story提供高端的体验和优质的瓶装服务,以及空中舞者和出色的音响系统,为您度过一个美好的夜晚奠定了完美的基调。 如果您在城镇中并且正在寻找有名气的特殊活动,请务必检查一下该场所。 但是,只要确保在出发前仔细检查我们应用中的歌手或DJ,才能100%确保您钟爱的EDM音色已经就绪。

4. E11even – Downtown/Brickell

E11even Nightclub Miami dance floor

E11even是一种独一无二的24/7表演和夜生活场所,以诱人的,动人的表演和令人惊叹的现场艺人表演。白天,E11even是一个多层酒吧和休息室,为您提供高品质的食物和浓烈的鸡尾酒。在周末的晚上,异国情调的表演,壮观的戏剧以及嘻哈音乐和EDM音乐的大牌音乐演出者-大约占流派的一半,所以请在计划旅行前检查一下时间表! –经历多个阶段,将肩并肩的人群鞭打成狂。您可能已经听说过,但是E11even是夜总会/条纹俱乐部的混合体,这是一个新颖的概念,必须充分认识并欣赏它的卓​​越之处。 EDM爱好者-他们确实预订怪物表演,尤其是在“超级音乐节周”这样的大型周末-全世界一般的夜生活爱好者都会喜欢这个地方。您不想在下一个迈阿密假期错过E11even,而且Discotech除了预售票以及VIP体验外,还提供某些晚上的免费宾客名单。

5. Wynwood Factory – Wynwood

DJ booth at Wynwood Factory, Miami

这座崭新的Wynwood Factory在2018年巴塞尔艺术展期间大放异彩,由四个不同的活动空间和夜总会概念,用于音乐会,美食和艺术节的露天创意空间以及一个20,000平方英尺的露台组成俯瞰着Wynwood艺术区,迈阿密市区和闪闪发光的迈阿密海滩。这个庞大的电子音乐中心由迈阿密太空公司Space Miami和现已不复存在的Heart Nightclub创始人路易斯·普伊格Louis Puig经营,其礼貌和包容的服务人员受到当地人的喜爱。不过,更重要的是,“工厂”已成为Wynwood艺术,音乐和娱乐界背后的推动力,该界席卷了整个世界。其经常性的EDM活动如Relic和Ethics吸引了国际知名的DJ,但当大型活动周末(如游艇周,游泳周和前述的巴塞尔艺术博览会)在外地人涌入魔幻城市的街道时,它的确赢得了全世界的赞誉。寻找那刻骨铭心的迈阿密魔术。

6. Treehouse – Mid-Beach

DJ &dance floor at Treehouse Miami

迈阿密忠实的EDM主管大军实现了他们的童年幻想:在他们的后院就座多室树屋。 Treehouse Miami在2018年被DJ MAG提名为全球TOP 100俱乐部,并被Miami New Times提名为最佳舞蹈俱乐部,其颇具讽刺意味的天高绰号,因为它是全球地下深层建筑和技术运动的震中。 “ Come as you Are”场地没有着装要求,是一个黑暗,潮湿,不起眼的绞肉机,带有舞池的汗水箱……换句话说,非常适合所有Deep House,Tech-house,工业 房子,和黑暗的技术爱好者可以享受。 会以为南海滩最低调的地方会让您在树梢之上,电子音乐爱好者中高居榜首吗?

7. Basement – Mid-Beach

Dance floor of Basement NIghtclub Miami

Basement确实是迈阿密最鲜为人知的秘密之一。 我的意思是…在脉动的舞池中,您还可以在哪里喝酒,聚会,碗和溜冰鞋(或滑冰鞋)作为呼吸,从摇摆不定的电子音乐到前40种无线电节奏? 这个地方是如此火烧,以至于Drake曾经在Ultra / Miami音乐周期间租下了整个地方与他的名人迷Rihanna一起溜冰。 这是一个相当私密的空间,没有太多的空间,因此事情可能变得非常狭窄。 我们建议您和您的船员警察VIP餐桌服务,并尽早(午夜之前)到达那里,以免排队太长。 这个成年人的游乐场被迈阿密新时报称为迈阿密最独特的俱乐部之一。

8. Mynt Lounge – Mid-Beach

mynt lounge miami

宝贝,您真薄荷,…您已经准备好前往迈阿密的夜生活场景,感觉自己有多新鲜。因此,将您最好的杂物和摩西运动带到新近装修的Mynt Lounge,这是South Beach最时尚的聚会场所之一。拥有“城市中最严格的门禁政策我-对不起,绅士们,与其他SoBe夜总会不同,您真的需要穿上衣服才能在这里留下深刻的印象-Mynt凭借其应有的知名度正迅速成为迈阿密的那些景点之一。无需出名但是,您可以轻松进入:您只需在Mynt的姊妹餐厅/休息室杂货店Myn-tu隔壁grab一口,或者预定VIP瓶服务-可以说是最昂贵的高价干部团队了。一流的迈阿密海滩夜总会-过着电影明星般的生活方式,贵族中的贵宾桌是一笔不错的投资,因为Mynt的装饰和座位布置非常豪华,加上一根粗的天鹅绒绳子和一套魁梧的蹦床纯粹来自神话般的幻想,挂在衣架上以及希望被窃听的东西(当然是双关语)。当然,家庭音乐是选择的配乐,可以在闪烁的灯光和迷人的气球中将人群鞭打成狂热,就像悬挂在Myn的灯具一样t的天花板很高。

9. The Ground – Downtown/Brickell

对于迈阿密娱乐区拥有的所有精彩场所,它可能缺少的一件事-当然是那些充满拉丁风情的Calle Ocho以外的地方-那些高质量的现场音乐场所。这就是为什么The Ground进入我们的十大榜单的原因:这个位于太空的可爱小兄弟俱乐部-位于相同的场所并由同一管理人员运营-是这些非凡的现场音乐热点之一。不过,请提前警告:The Ground的独特氛围完全是South Beach每晚进行的可预测的夜生活快​​球的曲折球。砖砌拱门和昏暗的气氛照明为这个小房间带来了亲密的鸡尾酒吧感觉,这在迈阿密极为罕见。对于这么小的场地,声音系统的重量超过了它的重量,这使得这里的电子音乐音乐会以及通过门旋转的嘻哈,金属和拉丁音乐会成为对耳朵的真爱。那些除了听到自己喜欢的新锐艺术家之外还想砍地毯的人也不会失望,因为人才预订者是Space背后的同胞,并且在将艺术家声音与场地声学相匹配方面是真正的专业人员让人群摇摆不定。如果您最喜欢的EDM艺术家恰巧在这里玩,请放下您正在做的事情,并在我们的应用程序中为您获得便宜的门票,以获得您不会后悔的体验。

10. Hyde Lounge – South Beach

EDM concert at belasco theater, Los Angeles, CA

如果您想在南海滩最好的泳池派对场所之一庆祝,那就去海洋大道Ocean Drive上超级豪华的SLS Hotel的“海德休息室Hyde Lounge。 在白天,这个场所-在上午和下午称为“海德海滩Hyde Beach-是迈阿密最接近全面的拉斯维加斯式大型泳池派对的场所。 不过,到了晚上,迈阿密最疯狂的聚会人群会在城市周围选择更狂野的夜总会场景,因此海德的场景酷似酷酷,时髦,凉快的欧式电子音乐注入式超休息室。 在豪华的复古风格室内区域和宽敞的泳池甲板之间,整个场地都拥有8,000多平方英尺的空间,供聚会者随时随地享受聚会的气氛。 如果您白天太辛苦或在阳光下晒太阳,我们建议您尝试一下Hyde Lounge,并且您想要一个轻松但不困倦的夜晚氛围,如果您想在夜晚放松,则可以选择使用EDM。 酒精突然抓住了你。

有关在迈阿密的所有夜总会的瓶装服务,来宾清单和预售票务的更多信息,请下载我们免费的Discotech mobile app! 或者,如果您使用的是台式机,请尝试使用我们的webapp !

Disotech app screenshots



迈阿密南海滩的最佳俱乐部是Hyde Beach/Hyde Lounge, Treehouse, Basement, Rockwell,Cameo,Wall LoungeMokai


迈阿密最好的EDM俱乐部是Liv,Story,Space,Trade,E11even,Wall Lounge和Basement。


迈阿密最好的嘻哈俱乐部是Rockwell,Cameo,Mokai,Mr Jones和Liv / Story(在某些晚上,请检查即将发生的事件)。






男生可以穿漂亮的牛仔裤和合身的普通T恤或漂亮的纽扣衬衫。 如果愿意,女孩可以穿牛仔裤或舒适却时尚的衣服。 当然,男孩和女孩在打扮方面永远不会出错-在夜总会里,根本没有过分打扮的事情。


大多数SoBe俱乐部的女孩都认同相同的概念:短,紧身,多乳沟,并配以高高的平台或细高跟鞋。 动物图案和水钻发现在南海滩很常见。 在迈阿密外出的女孩子穿裙子和高跟鞋,没有牛仔裤,没有凉鞋,没有平底鞋。 裙子越小,高跟鞋越高,您看起来越好和性感。


您可以使用我们的免费mobile app预订餐桌服务。 或者,如果您使用的是台式机,则可以使用我们的webapp


最低赌桌可能会变得非常昂贵,但每个场所都不尽相同。 找出答案的最佳方法是使用我们的app


在大多数俱乐部,平均每晚的保底费为20至40美元。 在假期的周末或有大才干的活动中,期望付出更多。 通常,您可以在才华横溢的夜晚提前购买门票,这通常比在门口支付普通门票便宜。


迈阿密最好的名人热点是Rockwell,E11even,King of Diamonds和Liv。


南佛罗里达州的大多数夜总会只向法定饮酒年龄开放。 但是,如果您年满18岁但还未满21岁,您仍然可以在迈阿密参加一些活动。 查看Discotech App,了解即将在Club Space和1-800-LUCKY举办的18多个活动。 也有超过18岁的节日,例如Ultra Miami。


迈阿密俱乐部通常要到凌晨5点才关门。 如果您之后仍想参加聚会,我们建议您使用Club Space(Techno til上午9点),e11even(半脱衣舞俱乐部半夜总会,开放时间为24/7)和King of Diamonds(全脱衣舞俱乐部,至6AM开放 )。


如果您是女孩,则可以免费与发起人一起进入,或者您可以提早到达那里,并希望保镖喜欢您的“外表”。 对于像Liv和Story这样的俱乐部,您可以提前购买门票。 您也可以出现并支付一般入场费。 当然,总有瓶服务选项。

aerial view of South Beach, MIami

Best Rooftop Bars in Miami

As we head Southeast to the beautiful city of Miami, one wonders how it is possible to soak up all the city has to offer. Although many enjoy running around finding clubs and bars, few actually know some of the hidden gems scattered around the city. Rooftop bars. Yes, scenic views, calm breezes and stunning crowds, rooftop bars will not only provide you a playground for fun but also impress your friends as you guide or show them what Miami has to offer. None of our lists are ever in ranking order.

Looking for the hottest bars & clubs in Miami? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Miami.

Altitude at SLS Brickell

The idea behind this 20,000 square foot pool deck and bar was to provide party goers a pool bar where you can lounge and hang out throughout the day and into the night. Here you can take gorgeous pictures of the sights around Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, while drinking a margarita and pondering a dip in the pool. The deck is free to the public — with the purchase of a day pass or cabana rental — so you don’t need to pay out for a room to enjoy an afternoon here.

Area 31

There perhaps no better feeling than standing at the edge of this bar on the 31st floor of the EPIC. Of course, going here on a Friday night means you’re sharing that feeling with a couple hundred other people, but who cares. Truth be told, I prefer a bar where everyone’s in a great mood. That’s nothing new in this city so grab whatever you enjoy drinking on a lovely night out and hang poolside, while appreciating that you’re living this good in February.


Unknown to many, the Buena Vista neighborhood was founded and named far before there were “rooftop bars” where people like you and me go to take in the “vistas.” The foreshadowing name comes to fruition as when arriving you’ll notice this terrace on the second floor of Vista Italian restaurant. Here you are able to survey the neighborhood, or enjoy Upper Buena Vista’s iconic ancient oak tree, tapas and a menu all with live music in the background.

Watr at the 1 Hotel

When your pool is known as having one of the best hotel pool views in the world, of course you need to be shooting some serious beverages to go along with it. Although this spot has quieted down, the bar still remains one of the most scenic spots on the beach.

When taking in the views, your treated to the Atlantic, while in the other you’ll see the expansive Miami skyline, blending the feel of an urban rooftop, oceanview, and trendy pool bar in one sun-soaked patio.


When hittting Ocean Drive, an afternoon spent at the Clevelander’s rooftop bar is a must for new comers to the city and for the locals, a visit to this bar is sure to remind you why you live in this gorgeous city. As you stare out at the inviting blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Art Deco hotels, and the city behind you, you are taken back to the enchantment that first drew you to this wild beach city.


The restaurant found on the top of the 1111 garage in South Beach is one of the great date-with-a-view spots in Miami. Not only is it one of the top date spots, but bewarned, the place is expensive and will quickly burn a hole in your wallet if you let your friends order multiple rounds of drinks and entres on you.

If looking for romance and a much lower bill, head over to this place for drinks. Relax and unwind by the ivy-covered walls outside, and relish in the award-winning design layout and views of the ocean.

No. 3 Social

With Wynwood building being what it is, a second-floor bar qualifies as a top tier rooftop establishment on its own. So rather than waiting for an elevator, you’ll just ascend a flight of stairs surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and come towards this big, purple space where you are reminded to “Socialize.” Perhaps no greater debate has ever existed, as one struggles between posting the perfect picture or following the rules that have been told to you. Good luck finding a healthy balance.


Perhaps nothing is quite as enoyable after spending all your money at E11even than making a quick retreat to the bar upstairs. You can gaze out towards Downtown, feel the cool breeze blowing upon you from down NW 11th Street, and savor an ice-cold beer or fancy cocktail. E11even also has fantastic bottle service availiable for those looking to drop real money. Then, once you’ve regained your composure, you have the option of enjoying some food or going back downstairs and to continue with your bad decision making. Click here for upcoming events at E11even so not to miss out!


Way atop Brickell’s swanky East hotel rests one of the city’s premier rooftop bar, Sugar, with perfect views far out beyond Biscayne Bay to the east, north to Downtown, and south to the bright lights of Brickell. Completely encompassing this Balinese garden exists a mysterious but alluring feeling that makes you more than happy to be here. And if it’s raining, nothing to worry about. The party’s not ruined, make sure to head inside to the not-so-secret room to keep enjoying all the views without the rain.

Mr. C Coconut Grove

While you’re pounding shots at Sunday brunch or sipping mimosas, there’s a pretty good chance you’re enjoying yourself while doing it if doing it here. Mr. C’s bar provides a gorgeous view of Miami and hosts a elegant and sophisticated atmosphree while also staying light and upbeat. The latest sits atop the Mr. C hotel in Coconut Grove, where the nautical Cipriani décor gives way to a huge patio with sights that stretch far out over the lush, tropical landscape.


Although not the very first rooftop lounge in Wynwood, Astra is the very first to bring the garden styled view feel to Miami’s art district. This Greek-inspired scene has a west facing patio, ensuring you and your friends see the beautiful sunset. You’ll additionally notice the large trippy pink walls and pink butterflies that litter on the ground. The sunsets seem particularly heavenly when matched with what is possibly the best selection of Greek wines in the city.

Bloom Skybar

The bar located at the top of the Langford Hotel boasts one of the most divine panoramic views from the middle of the Miami skyline, provding partrons with spectacular drinks in inventive containers. If you find yourself looking for a great view or maybe an escape from the typical bar-on-a-curb scene, this is your place.

Floyd Money Mayweather Drops Stacks at E11EVEN

They don’t call him “Money Mayweather” for nothing.

Floyd Mayweather lived up to his nickname by throwing $5,000 into the air at Miami hot spot E11EVEN, and then threw down even more dough on bottle service for his VIP crew Wednesday morning, an insider told Page Six.

We’re told the boxing champ, 41, arrived at the club around 3 a.m. in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dressed in a Nike hoodie, matching shorts and his headline-making $18 million Jacob and Co. watch.

Accompanied by a large crew of about 20 people, Mayweather was ushered in through the VIP door and seated at a secluded table in the club’s party pit.

“Within minutes of walking in, Mayweather started flooding the club floor with bills,” our insider said. “Clubgoers were going nuts realizing who it was after it happened.”

While the former fighter is known for not drinking alcohol, our source says “He didn’t mind spending his funds bottle service at e11even for his friends,” and ordered multiple bottles of Grey Goose, Don Julio 1942, Moët Nectar Rose and Hennessy to his table.

After settling in with pals, Mayweather made money rain down on clubgoers once again.

According to our source, with the money he tossed carelessly into the air, plus his $6,000 bottle service bill, Mayweather shelled out $11,000 for an epically expensive night out on the town.

Also at the club was former FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho, who arrived just after Mayweather made his exit at about 6 a.m.

Miami New Year’s Eve 2018 Party Guide

Christmas and Hanukkah have come and gone, and the post-holiday blues are accompanied by freezing temperatures and harsh winter weather.  Well, everywhere except South Florida.  Snowbirds, fly south and unite for some New Year’s Eve revelry.

Miami in winter NEVER disappoints, and for one last chance in 2017 you’ve got a tailor-made excuse to set aside all your past year’s disappointments and promise yourself that next year will be THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE, all while surrounding yourself with fun-loving strangers, pulsating music, and premium liquor as you dance all your cares away.  And there are few better cities in the world for doing this than in sunny Miami, one the world’s preeminent entertainment destinations, with hundreds of fabulous party options to suit any taste.

Discotech can most certainly assist with you finding year-end good fortune in a great party atmosphere.  Here our Top 3 picks for the best NYE nightclub parties/events around Magic City for you and your friends to close out 2017 and ring in 2018:

1) NYE 2018 w/ Nervo @ W South Beach

WET Pool at W South Beach is excited to announce world-renowned electronic music talent Nervo will be headlining an unforgettable start of a new year.  For the past several years Australian sisters Liv and Mim have been a regular mainstay in the World Top 100, and 2017 proved there’s no stopping their shine.   DJ Mag caught up with the busy duo to ask what they’ve been up to this year: “Touring like crazy. Think we’re nudging 200 shows this year. We had our NERVONation parties in Miami, Austria and Ibiza at Ushuaia, which have all been amazing. We have been busy working on new music and recently got a major sync with iPhone 8 for a track we did with Sofi Tukker called ‘Best Friend’.”  Partygoers will be elevated to an oasis of wonderment include premium open bar from 9:00 PM to midnight, champagne toast, and party favors; VIP table service packages inclusive of top-shelf spirits will range from $1,800 – $15,000.

Time: 9:00 PM – 4:30 AM

Venue: WET @ W Hotel (2201 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

2) NYE 2018 w/ G-Eazy + Halsey @ E11even

Is there anything that gives us more hope for 2018 than two young people in love?  Platinum recording artists and new paramours G-Eazy and Halsey took the 2017 radio charts by storm with their recent hit collaboration “Him & I,” but it’s the awwww-so-sweet music video for the song that everyone is talking about.  Miami snowbirds will join the two love birds as they perform live at E11even to ring in the new year; special guest DJ Irie will provide the dance beats.  Other perks include open bar from 9PM – 11PM, passed hors d’oeuvres, and champagne toast at midnight.

Time: 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Venue: E11even (29 NE 11th St., Miami, FL 33132)

3) Alesso New Year’s Eve @ Story

On the heels of one the most ballyhooed performances at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival this past March, superstar DJ Alesso will have the honor of leading the fine folks of Story into the new year.  About his 2017, Alesso says: “The last year, I’ve been just in a very creative environment. I used to just think about what will work on a dance floor at a festival. Now, I try to put out a song that makes me really feel [something], that’s meant to come out through your headphones when you’re on your way to work, or off work in the car, [or] being with your friends. I’m just trying to make the most of each song wherever it goes, not trying to push it to a dance floor direction. If I want it to be a dance floor version down the road, I’ll just remix it.”   Expect the Swedish wunderkind to keep inspiring the world in 2018 and beyond, and expect one of Miami Beach’s most bumping nightclubs to party well beyond the stroke of midnight and into the first dawn of 2018.

Time: 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Venue: Story (136 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Honorable Mention:

Kygo & Demi Lovato @ Fontainebleau Hotel

Time: 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Venue: Fontainebleau Miami (4441 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33140)

Life’s A Circus New Year’s Eve 2018 @ Nikki Beach

Time: 8:00 PM – 3:00 AM

Venue: Nikki Beach (1 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139)

New Year’s Eve w/ Jamie Jones + The Martinez Brothers @ Space

Time: 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: Space Miami (34 NE 11th Street, Miami, FL 33132)

NYE 2018 Party of the Century @ Ora

Time: 9:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: Ora (2000 Collins Av, Miami, FL 33139)

More events and more venues for New Year’s Eve 2018 in Miami can be found on the Discotech app.  Have a safe night out with your friends, please don’t drink and drive, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Miami Art Basel 2017 Weekend Party Guide

The annual Art Basel Miami art fair weekend has now kicked off, and the celebrities, creatives, and fashionistas have been spotted roaming the streets and filling up the “it” venues all over South Beach.  Maybe you just don’t like art all that much, or maybe you’re just not in the market to write six-figure checks for contemporary art pieces… but rest assured, there are plenty of fabulous events around town to party like Leo and the boys this weekend, if you’ve got a bit of spare change lying around in your couch cushions.

Here are our picks for the can’t-miss scenes on the Art Basel Weekend canvas, along with links to presale tickets and tables purchase:

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Art Basel Party f/ G-Eazy @ E11even

Partygoers & art aficionados from around the globe can “EXPER11ENCE THE ART OF NIGHTLIFE” at E11even all week.  On Thursday night, the hybrid dance club/gentlemen’s club venue pairs a live performance from Oakland’s hottest rapper and mainstream crossover sensation G-Eazy with world-class cirque-style theatrics featuring aerialists, acrobats, and contortionists.  Miami’s only 24/7 nightlife destination is sure to be packed with celebrities and models this evening as Art Basel kicks into high gear.

Time: 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: E11even (29 NE 11th St, Miami FL 33132)

Diplo Basel Edition @ LIV

Diplo Basel Edition @ LIV

On Monday evening this week, Diplo, the musician and producer, stood on the back terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay with Jeremy Scott, the noted fashion designer. Long candlelit white tables had been set for dinner. “I just bought a bunch of land in Jamaica, and I’m going to turn it into a creative commune,” he said.  Diplo hit the art fair early Tuesday morning to browse pieces for his estate, despite a 2 a.m. D.J. gig in a parking lot in downtown Miami with his pal Virgil Abloh, the designer of the fashion brand Off-White.  On Thursday night, the 2017 Wynn Las Vegas resident DJ headlines South Beach’s most well-known and longest-running upscale nightclub, which figures to be one the hardest-to-score nightlife tickets of the entire Art Basel weekend.  All in a week’s work for one of electronic dance music’s brightest stars.

Time: 11:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Venue: LIV @ the Fontainbleau Hotel (4441 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33141)

Friday, December 8th, 2017

Desert Hearts Art Basel Edition @ Trade Miami

Desert Hearts Art Basel Edition @ Trade

Contemporary art trends may go out of style quickly, but House, Techno, & Love most certainly do not. The Desert Hearts City Hearts Tour has timed its Miami tour stop with Art Basel weekend, and their event at no-frills locals’ favorite Trade – co-hosted by locals’ favorite promoters Link Miami Rebels – will serve as a showcase for their newer music coming out on Desert Hearts Records in 2018. With momentum still riding from their summer Desert Hearts Festival and November City Hearts Festival in Los Angeles, this crew is pouring everything into their record label to take their love vibe to the far reaches of the world. Their launch into the far reaches of the galaxy begins Friday in Miami, and where better to make some memorable magic than in Magic City itself?

Time: 11:00 PM – 4:00AM

Venue: Trade Miami (1439 Washington Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Zedd Basel Edition @ Story

Zedd @ Story

Zedd, the DJ/producer who landed on this month’s December 2017 cover of Forbes Magazine, has a backstory that many contemporary art fans and Art Basel attendees can appreciate.   To distinguish himself from competing DJs with similar sounds, he created a graphics-heavy live show that feels like watching a video game projected onto a movie screen, with a custom visual for each song.   A cable runs from his computer to the front of the house, where a team of technicians makes sure everything synchs up, including the program’s lasers and pyrotechnics.  Early on he became known as the anti-DJ of the DJ universe, which ironically (hey, artists love that irony!) led him to surging popularity, longstanding Vegas residencies, mainstream radio success, and collaborations with megastars such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Alessia Cara.  

Time: 11:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Venue: Story (136 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Art Basel Showcase @ Do Not Sit on the Furniture

The Playroom crew from NYC descends upon Miami to host a special Art Basel event featuring Behrouz and friends.  Playroom serves as a liaison between many artists & DJs, club/ venue owners, event and festival producers, and a niche crowd of sophisticated house and tech house music enthusiasts.  Its focus is on cutting edge music, the quality people that comprise the magnetic community associated with it, and the positive vibe that it creates.  Behrouz’s Art Basel sets have become legendary over the years, and this industry insiders’ party is sure to be a fabulous networking event as well as a colorful foray into the emotional and artistic journey of electronic sound.

Time: 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: Do Not Sit On The Furniture (423 16th Street, Miami, FL 33139)

H.Wood Group Pop-Up f/ 50-Cent @ Ora

50 Cent @ Ora

Famed Los Angeles promotions team H.Wood Group puts together a “modest” Art Basel pop-up event featuring a not-so-modest headlining act: super-duper-megastar 50 Cent.  “Fitty” will be supported on the turntables by DJ Fred Matters from the H.Wood team’s Hollywood karaoke hotspot Blind Dragon.   Probably not on the guest list for tonight’s festivities: Wendy Williams.

Time: 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: Ora (2000 Collins Av, Miami, FL 33139)

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Corona Electric Beach f/ Duke Dumont @ Hyde Beach

Duke Dumont @ Hyde Beach

Corona Electric Beach is a popular traveling “fun in the sun” experience featuring world-renowned DJs, and for Art Basel weekend on South Beach it will feature electronic artist Duke Dumont, who has played one of the most pivotal roles in making UK deep house the thundering global juggernaut it is today.  The British superstar will not be the only draw for SLS Hotel’s famous Sunday party, as Bisco Smith will be hosting and presenting a unique live art installation.  Bisco is a contemporary visual artist from Queens, New York with roots in music, graffiti, and street art.   Bisco works in a variety of formats, including canvas and large outdoor murals, and is known for his “visual freestyle”—characterized as a blend of graffiti deconstruction, gestural abstraction, and lyric-based stylewriting. Made predominantly with a black and white color palette, his art visually captures the rhythms of music and the energy of the moment through its spontaneous marks and abstracted text.

Time: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Venue: Hyde Beach @ The SLS Hotel (1701 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Markus Schulz @ Heart

Markus Schulz @ Heart

Art Basel weekend closes out with a global trance music legend putting on a thunderous spectacle in his own hometown.   Miami Heat superfan Markus Schulz – known for his marathon 10-12 hour DJ sets – waves goodbye to the visiting artists and creatives and hands the city back to the home team with a pulsating DJ set that surely will not end until after the sun comes up.  In true Basel fashion, expect to see an artist tinkering with works in progress while still producing high-level performance pieces, as Mr. Schulz gets some warm-up reps in advance of his forthcoming New Year’s Eve open-to-close extravaganza at the renowned Avalon nightclub in Los Angeles.

Time: 11:00 PM – ???

Venue: Heart (50 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132)

More events and more venues for Art Basel Weekend 2017 in Miami can be found on the Discotech app.

Miami 2017 Last-Minute Halloween Guide

October in Miami means you put off thinking about Halloween for as long as possible because hey, what if it rains that day?  But lo and behold, the South Florida weather for Halloween 2017 is turning out to be picture-perfect, so now you’re scrambling to DIY your costume – ripping sleeves off and cutting skirts shorter, of course – and line up your skin-flaunting party plans.

As the locals say, “Tranquilo, Tranquilo!”  No need to stress – there are plenty of great Halloween events with tickets still available.  Here are our recommended Miami monsters balls, with links to presale tickets and tables purchase:

Saturday, October 28th

Do Not Sit on Halloween @ Do Not Sit on the Furniture

West Coast legend Doc Martin headlines the second of two spook-tastic holiday events at Do Not Sit.  Martin is a pillar of the west coast underground electronic scene, with years of experience and residencies at some of dance music’s most storied venues including New York’s famed Twilo and LA’s Metropolitan.

Time: 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: Do Not Sit On The Furniture (423 16th Street, Miami, FL 33139)

Halloween Costume Party @ Cameo

One of South Beach’s most well-known and longest-running hip-hop nightclubs gets in on the Halloween festivities, and the scene figures to be as grimy as a graveyard and as lit as a jack-o-lantern on Grandma’s porch.  Costumes are not required but are strongly encouraged; prizes will be awarded for best in show.

Time: 11:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Venue: Cameo (1445 Washington Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Sunday, October 29

Sunset Funeral @ Delano Beach Club

If you’re superhuman enough to rise from the dead after a late-night-to-early-morning South Beach Saturday partying sesh, then the Delano on Sunday is the place to rest your beat-up corpse.  As with all SBE-hosted events, the party will start out chill but get turnt quickly, and the sun-kissed bikini-clad talent will be in full effect… so try to sober up a bit and not look too much like The Walking Dead (unless that’s your costume, of course).

Time: 2:00 PM – 11:00PM

Venue: Delano Beach Club (1685 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Chuckie’s Haunted Shipwreck (Night Swim) @ Hyde Beach

Hyde Beach’s new monthly nighttime pool party is getting in the Halloween mood.  With help from the renowned party-starting DJ Chuckie – fresh off his summer residency at Marquee in Las Vegas –  the Halloween Night Swim will have a haunted shipwreck theme, featuring fire-breathers, live theatrics, champagne showers… and pirates, plenty of pirates. Spooky meets sexy at this quintessential South Beach pool party spot, and there will be plenty of booty to plunder. ARRGGHHH, matey!

Time: 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Venue: Hyde Beach (1701 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139)

Monday, October 30

Freak Show @ E11even

Come One, Come All, Ladies and Gentlemen: the Freak Show rolls into E11EVEN Miami, and Mondays are the ideal night to try out this hybrid strip club/dance club.  Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience and witness a series of the most spectacular live shows ever performed inside a nightclub with world-class aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, and dancers.  The freaks come out at night, but they stay dancing until the dawn….

Time: 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Venue: E11even (29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132)

Tuesday, October 31

Halloween on Lincoln Road @ Mr. Jones

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!”   Brand new ultra-lounge Mr. Jones has taken over the space formerly known as SET on Lincoln Road, and it hosts a Halloween soirée full of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. DJ Apache will spin the latest hip-hop, and creepy sexy entertainers will command all zombies to rise from against the walls and stagger onto the dance floor.  Passed hors d’oeuvres and complimentary welcome drinks will be provided from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

Time: 8:30 PM – 1:00 AM

Venue: Mr. Jones (320 Lincoln Rd, Miami, FL 33139)

More events and more venues for Halloween Week in Miami – including non-costume parties – can be found in our app at .  Happy haunting!

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