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Vibra Urbana Miami, the country’s largest reggaeton festival, touches down in Miami this December and brings with it a slew of Latin talent. Fans can expect more than 40 performers taking the outdoor stage across two days, including award-winning acts from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba and beyond.

Founded by Miami natives, the homegrown festival debuted in February 2020 and has since expanded to include Las Vegas and Orlando.

The festival takes place on Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11. Promising a lineup with more than 30 urban acts each day, including Maluma, Don Omar, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, and Sech, to name a few.


miami hip-hop clubs

Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Clubs In Miami

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Art With Me Miami event is an international arts, music and cultural festival, offering experiences across a multitude of highly creative platforms that immerse, inspire, and activate its attendees and followers. Come take a journey and enjoy a complete experience through our six core pillars: art, music, culinary,  wellness, culture and education.

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Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Activities In Miami / South Beach [Updated 2023]

Headed to Miami for a bachelor party soon? On top of dinners and nightclubs, you’ll need to plan afternoon and early-evening group activities for the bachelor and his group that are fun and memorable, while still giving you the most value for your money spent.

The state of Florida is known as a warm-weather haven for snowbirds, i.e. seasonal residents and visitors who during the winter escape the colder climates of their hometowns for its supremely pleasant October-to-March calendar stretch. In fact, many Floridians themselves are transplants to the state who once upon a time visited from parts of the U.S. further north – or their parents / grandparents / great-grandparents did – and decided they loved it here so much that they didn’t want to leave. The fabulous weather – and in the few months when it’s not fabulous, they’ve got air-conditioners and heaters! – combined with the relatively low cost of living has drawn 21.5 million residents to Florida, 6.2 million of which live in the metro area of Miami which is the state’s economic center and largest city.

The Miami that most out-of-town visitors know is the South Beach one: steamy summer temps, white and neon tones, sheer opulence, fast money, stylish excess, and glitzy sensory overload.  Of course, the locals and insiders are happy to deliver upon those stereotypes, because that’s the version that tourists pay handsomely to witness and be a part of. And South Floridians surely play that fiddle in harmonious tune, because more tourists to Miami in general and SoBe specifically mean more revenues generated and jobs created for the state’s sun-kissed residents!

Why is planning a bachelor party so hard?

Your bachelor has just chosen the Magic City as the destination city and assembled his crew; now you’re on the hook to make magic happen and desperately need all the bachelor party ideas Miami has to offer. So you let out a big sigh, open up your laptop and hop on the internets, and get to work on mapping out this epic weekend in Miami.  You’re halfway through planning the shindig, and you’ve already locked down a great room rate at one of Miami’s top hotels. As you start your bachelor party activities search, you know you’re not totally a lost puppy – a handful of you may have partied in South Florida a couple times in the past with and without the man of honor, and you’ve got some local friends in high and low places who are willing to offer sound and not-so-sound recommendations – but of course you wouldn’t mind having a professional to guide you. You know, someone who can take all those half-formed suggestions floating around and give you accurate, actionable answers?

Disotech app screenshots

Enter Discotech – your ultimate solution for lining up the Stag Party dayclub and nightclub festivities. We’re deep into this Miami nightlife game, and we know how to play it to a “T” boys.  We’ve helped THOUSANDS of satisfied clients with their bachelor party needs in Miami, Vegas, Los Angeles, and other cities; we’ve been featured on BBC Travel and we are also highly reviewed on Yelp! and in both the App Store and Google Play.  

We know you’re in town for a good time, not a long time… so you’ll need some expert guidance to help narrow down your choices to round out your ideal bachelor party agenda. And lo and behold, that’s where we come through for you once again. Our Discotech operations staff are experts in Miami entertainment, with nearly two decades of experience handling customer requests in this high-traffic market. So without further adieu, here is our Top 10 list of the best and most entertaining bachelor party activities to partake of while in Miami in order to ensure a memorable stag party experience.


1. The Night King Cometh – Nightclubs
  • Venue (Location): Varies by price and music type (click here for nightclub recommendations)
  • Cost Per Person: Free (certain guest lists); $10-100 (discounted guest lists & presale tickets); $200 and up (VIP tables)
  • Time Length of Activity: 4-5 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 10:00PM-12:00AM (avoid long lines and waits)

Seems predictable, but sorry not sorry gents: the activity of nightclubbing HAS to be #1 and #1A on any Miami bachelor party list. Why, you say? Greater Miami – and South Beach in particular – is a legendary party epicenter that epitomizes international debauchery; with the exceptions of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and NYC, you just can’t really get such high-quality versions of this revelry anywhere else in America. And on top of that, Miami nightlife has got three YUUUUGE advantages over those other cities:

  1. Many of the best clubs in Miami are in walking distance or a cheap Uber / Lyft ride from each other in South Beach, so bar or club crawling – either planned or impromptu – is easy to pull off.
  2. There are hundreds of clubbing options in the city to match your budget, vibe, and music type whether you’re into electronic, hip-hop, Top 40, or Latin / international beats.
  3. Places don’t get packed until later in the night – 12:30-1:30am are when most spots start to fill up – and stay open longer and often well into the early morning – so you can enjoy your day activities and dinners without feeling rushed, and your clubbing budget as well as the bachelor’s fun will stretch out further.


2. Drive for Show, Putt for Dough – Golf / TopGolf

Topgolf Miami at dusk
  • Venue (Location): TopGolf (Miami Gardens)
  • Cost Per Person: $30.00 and up per hour (bay rental; does not include club rental or buckets of balls)
  • Time To Set Aside: 3-4 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 5:00PM-9:00PM (twilight skies offer majestic backdrop for watching balls take flight)

The aforementioned incredible weather throughout most of the year makes South Florida a prime destination for grabbing the sticks and hitting the links. If the bachelor in your group fancies himself more “Tiger Woods” than “Tiger King” then there are plenty of wonderful golf courses around town with different levels of challenge and volume/formality to whet his appetite for gripping and ripping. Whether or not your crew hits the actual links in the daytime, you’ll want to find your way to TopGolf in the late afternoon. Now operating in 50 US cities, TopGolf is interactive video game golf come to life: a high-tech driving range facing a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets of varying distances in the ground. Players hit golf balls into the wild blue yonder with the goal of landing them at the center of these targets, which are marked by flags to resemble golf greens. The balls contain computer microchips that track each shot’s distance and accuracy, and players score points for proximity which are displayed on a high-definition interactive video touchscreen in the comfort of their air-conditioned luxury bay. All the while, food and beverages are served to golfers tableside (or is it teeside?) by peppy, buxom waitresses. And if some in the big bachelor group want to wander, the facility has a full-service restaurant and three bars, pool tables, shuffleboard, Xbox games, cornhole and more.


3. Get Wet! – Dayclubs / Pool Parties

Hyde Beach poolside, Miami
  • Venue (Location): Varies by price and music type (click here for Miami dayclub recommendations)
  • Cost Per Person: Free (certain guest lists); $5-100 (discounted guest lists & presale tickets); $200 and up (VIP loungers, daybeds, & cabanas)
  • Time Length of Activity: 4-5 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 11:30AM-1:30PM (avoid long lines and waits)

Pool parties are a legendary daytime activity that epitomizes the sumptuously debaucherous surfside feel of Miami Beach, and the ones here are arguably second-best only to those of Las Vegas. At least one of these day parties on your bachelor weekend agenda is a must; even for guys who don’t like nightclubs, the eye candy, sunshine, cool plunges to beat the heat (and did we mention eye candy?) make it worth it. For any bachelor party larger than four 4-5 gents, it’s a no-brainer to book a cabana or daybed with bottle service in order to maximize the fun; for a smaller stag-do or one that wants variety, we suggest purchasing presale tickets. Find one of the hottest events going on that weekend using our Discotech app, and go see one of your favorite DJs or performing artists. For a Saturday day party, Hyde Beach and Nikki Beach are the best party scenes especially if money ain’t a thang: between the killer music lineups, badass surroundings, and (did we mention) eye candy, these two venues are head-and-shoulders above the rest if your bachelor is into nothing but the best.


4. I’m On a Boat! (Part I) – Everglades Tour

  • Venue (Location): Captain Jack’s Boat Tours @ Everglades National Park
  • Cost Per Person: $50 (private boat rental $300; holds up to 6 passsengers)
  • Time To Set Aside: 4 hours (1.5-hour commute plus 1-2 hours on boat + animal sanctuary)
  • Best Time of Day to Go: leaving at sunrise is your only option

Got some nature lovers coming along on the bachelor party? If it’s the first trip to Miami for many of the lads, Everglades National Park should be on your to-do list for a memorable midday option to break from the drinking and partying. The park is known for its expansive emerald-hued beauty as well as its diverse wildlife population that includes everything from bobcats to alligators. A private charter fanboat zooms you across the twists and turns of the creature-filled swamplands while an experienced tour guide narrates the history and topography of South Florida’s most famous natural feature. Many of the tour operators are at least 30 miles west of Miami, so the drive there and back can be boring but also a great chance for a quick nap or a catch-up chat with the fellas you haven’t seen in awhile. The humidity in the swampland is no joke and like a sauna will have you sweating out the night before… or preemptively burning calories for the night to come. However, the picturesque views of the Everglades – plus the chance to get snaps up-close-and-personal with a Florida gator – make the trek totally worth it.


5. I’m on a Boat! (Part II) – Booze Cruise

Yacht party in Miami, Floida
  • Venue (Location): Varies by price, music type, and services (Miami Party4U and South Beach Party Boats are two of most popular)
  • Cost Per Person: $100 and up
  • Time To Set Aside: 5 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 2:00-2:30PM (allows full day party plus enough downtime to recover for evening dinner / entertainment plans)

Open bar on the open seas? We had you at “Hello!” amirite! Say thanks but no thanks to the crowded tourist trap beaches and enjoy an all-inclusive booze cruise boat party around Biscayne Bay with fabulous views of the iconic Miami skyline in the distance. Enjoy a magnificent sightseeing experience full of lazy crystal blue waves on your way to an island or sandbar 30 minutes from the beach… then three hours of high-energy party access on a private island or sandbar. Upon your arrival, the crew turns the music up and unloads water toys – stand-up paddle boards, floaties, water trampolines, and water mats, snorkel gear – for you and the gents to enjoy while sipping cold drinks and mingling on the boat deck or in the water to make new friends. What’s​ included:

  • Round Trip Transportation: The bus departs 45 mins before the boat party starts.
  • 3 Hours Full Open Bar: Spirits (Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila), Juices and Sodas.
  • Food: Light Snacks
  • Sandbar Swim Stop with Water Activities
  • DJ playing open format music (R&B, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, House, Top 40)
  • Emcee promoting Champagne Showers, Twerking Competitions, Wet T-shirt Contests
  • Iconic views / photo ops with Biscayne Bay / Miami skyline backdrop


6. Hot Days, Cold Brews – Brewery Tour

  • Venue (Location): Miami Brew Bus
  • Cost Per Person: $97 (includes transportation and samples at each brewery stop)
  • Time To Set Aside: 6 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 12:00PM (5-hour tours start at this time)

The nationwide craft beer revolution – spurred by a broader movement toward community-based, locally inspired businesses – has in the last few years taken the Magic City by storm. Miami long staked its reputation on its craft cocktail scene, pristine beaches, and nightclubbing / VIP tables / bottle service. Lately though, it’s been building out a new local reputation for bars, taps, and quality craft beer, so if the bachelor is more into suds than spritzers we strongly recommend a ride on the magic Miami Brew Bus. With three unique tours showcasing Miami’s craft beer scene, you’ll have a night of sampling the city’s very best plus a safe ride from one brewery to the next. Weekly tours meet at the Union Beer Store in Little Havana at noon on Saturdays, but the bus is also available for private bookings any day of the week. The ticket price includes behind-the-scenes tours of each brewery and insights into the brewing processes that make each brand unique. South Florida brewers break tradition using local tropical and citrus fruits and exotic Latin-influenced ingredients to create novel flavors for the most adventurous imbibers. Buckle Up and Bottoms Up!


7. Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em – Cigar Tasting

  • Venue (Location): Little Havana Cigar Factory (Little Havana)
  • Cost Per Person: Free to enter; cigars $6 and up
  • Time To Set Aside: 2-3 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 2:00PM-6:00PM (good post-lunch or pre-dinner activity, plus downtime to recover for late-night entertainment plans)

Nothing will make the bachelor feel more badass than channeling his inner Tony Montana through a cigar smoking sesh, and Little Havana Cigar Factory is where Miami’s big bosses have their roundtables. Located in the heart of Little Havana – a site long known as a center of social, cultural, and political activity in Miami – the Cigar Factory carries a decades-old tradition of serving only the finest handmade cigars, accessories, books, and art. When you walk in you’re immediately transported back into time via a cozy walnut wood-accented 1950s Cuban club ambiance. Highly skilled Cuban Cigar Rollers show off the various steps of their cherished craft at display tables, while customers stroll through aisles and aisles of colorful, luxurious cigar box displays imported from exotic locales all over the world. You can further experience a delight for the senses by sampling a Cuban espresso and great Latin music along with your premium stogie, all while you and the lads lounge on comfy leather sofas talking sports and politics. There are also many quality Cuban eateries within walking distance on the Calle Ocho strip for you to grab a bite and a mojito before or after your smoke. So, choose from dark or light tobacco and from short or long rolls, grab a cigar cutter and a matchbook, and say hello to your little friend!!! (Or whatever Scarface quote comes to mind.)


8. Get Wet… Again! – Jet Skiing

  • Venue (Location): Jet Ski Tours of Miami (Biscayne Bay)
  • Cost Per Person: $149 and up
  • Time To Set Aside: 1.5-2 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 3:00PM-6:00PM (allows enough downtime to recover for evening dinner / entertainment plans)

Admit it: every time you’ve seen a jet ski chase scene in an action movie, you hoped to someday reenact it. Now is your chance to do so with the fellas, while at the same time taking in a Miami sightseeing tour from a very unique angle. You’ll mount and ride Yamaha wave runners at top speed as you hop around Biscayne Bay to visit six islands, zoom past the Port of Miami and wave “Bon Voyage” to all the jealous passengers on the decks of the cruise ships, and – if you’re lucky – catch glimpses of dolphins playing or a peaceful manatee backstroking in the water. Tourist hotspots Star Island and Sir Flagler Island are stops along the route, along with hundreds of other Instagram-worthy scenes. Make sure at least one of the lads has a waterproof camera phone, line up some friendly wagers for jet ski races among the crew, and get gassed up for some fun in the South Florida sun.


9. Play Ball! – Pro Baseball Games

  • Venue (Location): Grapefruit League Stadiums (Feb / March); Marlins Park (April thru September)
  • Cost Per Person: $15 and up
  • Time Length of Activity: 3-4 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 1 hour before scheduled game time (so you can pregame tailgate plus be in your seat for the National Anthem)

You haven’t lived until you’ve sprawled out under the South Florida sun with a cold brewski in hand at an afternoon or early evening baseball game. For five weeks every spring, various cities in Central and South Florida host Major League Baseball Spring Training, where sun-drenched fans get to watch professional superstar athletes up-close-and-personal as they tune up for the start of their regular season in April. If you can line up your bachelor party during the spring, it’s one of the most happening times of the year in Miami, as fans rent cars to drive out to the various stadiums during the day but stay in Greater Miami to enjoy the beaches and nightlife. You get to rub the beautiful weather and one of the best day-drinking scenes in America in the world’s chapped winter faces, with bonus points if you snap photos and post them to social media so your friends freezing at home under 2 feet of snow can hate you cuz they ain’t you. If you can’t come in February or March, you’ll miss Spring Training but you can still catch MLB action at Marlins Park, the beautiful and modern home stadium of the Miami Marlins. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a bachelor party tourist, a die-hard baseball aficionado or someone who doesn’t know an RBI from an ERA, baseball is a deep source of pride for Miami and a quintessential part of the true local experience. 


10. Murals & Mojitos – Wynwood Art Tour / Bar Crawl

  • Venue: Wynwood Bar Crawl (Wynwood)
  • Cost Per Person: $60
  • Time To Set Aside: 4 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 5:30PM (start time for early tour; ensure you return early enough to rest, shower, and grab a bite before going out)

So you’ve done a few of the first nine items on this list, and now your bachelor party might be in need of a brief window of a low-key and somewhat high-brow activity – less thrill and more chill. Fear not, there are a handful of fun daytime activities that don’t require participants to sign an injury waiver. One of these is the art-infused Wynwood Bar Crawl, which takes guests on a walking tour of 4-5 local bars in between marveling at the neighborhood’s world-famous multi-story wall murals. Although specific murals are constantly changing, the area is filled with permanent must-see fixtures from international street art superstars like David Walker and Interesni Kazki. An experienced tour guide will give you the 101 on the marvelous works of art and the artists, their stories, and their cutting-edge techniques, as well as the story of how Wynwood itself as transformed into one of the hippest art and entertainment districts in the world. And after all the artsy download, you’ve got plenty of friendly watering holes in the neighborhood to try out your newfound knowledge as part of your drink-and-chat game. As a courtesy, here are some of the more popular bars and breweries to check out when the Artwalk bar crawl ends:

  • Centro Wynwood (turns into a happening club starting around sunset)
  • The Dirty Rabbit
  • Wood Tavern
  • Gramps
  • R House Wynwood
  • Barter Wynwood
  • Concrete Beach Brewery
  • Veza Sur Brewery
  • J. Wakefield Brewery
  • Wynwood Brewing Co.


Bonus Activity: Ladies of the Night

  • Venue (Location): Varies
  • Cost Per Person: $20 cover charge (lap dance / champagne room prices vary)
  • Time To Set Aside: Umm… zero hours. None of you were ever here, right?
  • Best Time of Day to Go: Anytime

For 99% of bachelor parties, a late-night strip club trip is a standard item on the agenda. Miami is one of the better cities in America for gentlemen’s clubs, not only for variety of young “talent” but for low costs of drinks and dances. When it comes to quality of women, G5ive, Tootsie’s, and Gold Rush Cabaret are the top choices as much in the daytime as they are at night; both are pretty far from the South Beach nightclub party scene distancewise, but well worth the effort and the pricy cab ride. For an “Only In Miami” experience though, we highly recommend you direct the troops to E11even. Operating as a 24-hour nightclub / strip club / after-hours experience, E11even features stunning entertainers and theatrical performances in an alluring environment that is as sexy as it is sophisticated. Multiple stages, exotic acts, dazzling light shows, and acrobatic theatrics take hold of the space every weekend; its got something for everyone and is the tried-and-true way to put the cherry on top of your epic Miami bachelor party (and might be the last time the bachelor can get away with going to an establishment of this nature).


In conclusion: Miami is definitely a bachelor party destination where a lot of good times can be had by a group of lads along all points of the budget spectrum. It is a magical beachfront oasis where both indoor and outdoor activities can spice up any bachelor party agenda… if you know the lay of the land. Your friends and nightlife guides here at Discotech are an essential part of that equation – we help you browse and book free guest lists and cheap presale tickets or VIP bottle service for the hottest nightclubs and pool parties in Miami. What are you waiting for? Download our app now – featured on BBC Travel and highly reviewed on Yelp! – in the App Store or Google Play.

Take A Dip Into One Of Miami Music Week 2022’s Pool Parties

Forget everything you know about partying because Miami Music Week 2022 is raising the bar on what it means to have a good time. March is going to be a wild month for parties, and what better way to kick off Miami Music Week 2022 than with a pool party? Just imagine it, your feet in the cool water, a delicious drink in your hand, and good music blasting through the air. What could be better?

Miami Music Week is going to be absolutely insane this year as hundreds of thousands of party goers descend on Miami to have the time of their lives. You do not want to miss out one the action, and a pool party is a perfect way to take a dip into all the excitement.

So without further delay, here are our top 2 picks for the best pool parties that Miami Music Week 2022 has to offer!

Starting at #1 is the Sunshine Boat Series. This highly anticipated yacht and pool party will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd and will be boarding at 1:00 PM. The price of tickets is going to range between $50 and $80, and the yacht will be taking off from the Bayside Mall next to the ferris wheel. You can purchase your tickets to the Sunshine Boat Series here.

If that sounds like fun, then you should be excited for our next pick. The Groove Cruise is unlike anything you’ve seen before as they take their legendary party to land for Miami Music Week 2022. This massive pool party will feature a ton of famous DJs like Gene Farris, Plastik Funk, Scotty Boy, and many more. Tickets are also going to be a lot cheaper at just $20, and you can purchase your tickets to The Groove Cruise here

These parties should help you get Miami Music Week 2022 started off on the right foot, and you’re going to want to get your tickets today before they sell out.

We’ll see you there!

Is A Boat Party The Best Way To Enjoy Miami Music Week 2022? (Spoiler: It Is)

History is full of some iconic combinations: peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, and a beautiful girl and an old billionaire to name a few, but when it comes to parties, nothing elevates the experience more than combining it with a boat. There’s something about the freedom of the open water as you sip a hand-crafted cocktail with the sun on the horizon that lets the weight of the world just fall off your shoulders.

If you’re like the rest of us and have been dying to set sail on one of Miami’s world famous boat parties, then you’re in luck because Miami Music Week 2022 is just around the corner! 

Miami Music Week 2022 is one of the biggest electronic music events in the country, and hundreds of thousands of people come every year during the month of March to live like there’s no tomorrow. This year, Miami Music Week 2022 is going to be hosting a ton of amazing events, so clear your calendars and get ready to hop aboard some of the fantastic boat parties that have just been announced.

To start off the action, Auris has announced their Arc at Sea yacht party on Saturday, March 26th, which will feature Justin Martin as the main DJ. This highly exclusive event is not something that you want to miss, and tickets start at $60. You can reserve your seat and purchase tickets to Justin Martin – Life Aquatic – ARC AT SEA here.

This next event features an artist that both literally and metaphorically promises to rock the boat with his electronic and house music. Join us on Sunday, March 27th for Dombresky – On A Boat as Dombresky creates a high-energy party complete with beautiful views, delicious drinks, and more. Prices start at just $65 and you can get your tickets to Dombresky – On A Boat here.

Another highly anticipated event is the Anjunafamily Boat Party which will be held on Friday March, 25th. One amazing thing about this yacht is that tables and bottle service will be available. This means you’ll be sitting on the lap of luxury as you get the full VIP treatment. You’ll get to hear music from artists like Reboot, Jaytech, Fatum, and more. Tickets start at just $50 while tables start at $375 (reserved for up to 4 guests). You can reserve your table or purchase tickets to Anjunafamily Boat Party here.

With hundreds of thousands of people coming to Miami and only a handful of boat parties announced so far, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that these tickets won’t last long! You can choose from our full list of boat parties here:

However if all boat parties are sold out, going to a day pool party in Miami is always a great option.

Best Cities for Dadchelor Parties

Congratulations to the dads-to-be and as your life is about to change, a dadchelor party is a must. So if you still need a bit more convincing on whether to plan a dadchelor party or not, read: Top 10 Reasons Why Dadchelors are a Great Idea. But if you are already convinced and ready for the farewell party with your bros, you’re in the right place. There are so many options so planning for the dadchelor party can be a bit overwhelming so here are the best 6 cities to host your party at:

1. Las Vegas

For the party animals that love to stay out late and dance all night, Las Vegas is a great place to be. You can walk around the Las Vegas strip and enjoy the different stores or go to a casino to play some poker. Then head to XS, Marquee or Drai’s Nightclub for a lively vibe, dancing all night. Go wild for old times sake before you can’t see your friends for the next 18 years. Las Vegas also has some of the best pool parties so make sure to check Encore Beach Club, Daylight Beach Club, or Drai’s Beach.

2. San Francisco

Looking for something a bit more laid back but still keeping your options open for last minute changes, San Francisco is your best choice. Gather up the guys and get your fishing gear because San Francisco bay has a large variety of fish for cool catches. After you’re done fishing, try some culturally diverse food from Fisherman’s wharf or Little Italy. And once you feel like drinking or partying it up, head to Raven Bar, DNA Lounge or Temple. 

3. Miami

Having a yacht party is one of the best ways to enjoy the Magic City. The beach parties at Hyde Beach or Nikki Beach can be just the thing you need before you get stuck at home changing diapers. Miami’s nightlife is full of great nightclubs, head to E11even, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, or LIV to show off your dance moves. At every place you go, grab a drink as you don’t know when your next time to drink will be. You can go to Miami beach’s rooftop lounges for nice scenes before your night ends. 

4. Hawaii

Grab your swimsuits because you’re about to spend a lot of time at the beach. Get ready to just lay down at the beach with mimosas or beer at hand.  Get your luggage ready and travel to Hawaii with your guys for a relaxing and/or adventurous week. You can go snorkeling, kayaking, diving, jet skiing and if you’re feeling a bit more risky, go shark diving! The beautiful islands are great views to enjoy sunsets and stay at luxurious hotels like Halekulani or The Kahala Hotel & Resort. It might be your last short vacation with the bros for a while so make the most out of it. 

5. New York City

Now, if you want it all, go to New York City. The vibrant city that never sleeps has almost anything you want to do. The bright lights at night and busy streets make it easy to enjoy a walk and bar hopping. You have to eat some Brooklyn pizza and try the variety of food offered in New York City. Maybe even take a helicopter ride to watch the breathtaking city from above. The lounges and bars in SoHo or midtown Manhattan are great places to grab drinks while enjoying nice scenes. When you’re ready, head to a nightclub to shake your booty or a karaoke place to sign your lungs out and drinks.  

6. Wyoming

Wyoming is the perfect location for an outdoor dadchelor party. Grab your bag and camping gear because there is nothing more beautiful than Yellowstone National Park. You can bring your beer and booze, and drink while you’re literally on top of the world. But if camping in a tent is not your thing, hike in the morning then go to your rented cabin with a game room and a hot tube for fun nights. Or you can head to Town Square for dining or horseback riding at Introduction to Rodeo.

Remember, if you prefer not to travel or you’re on a budget, a party in your background is just as fun. Decorate with your favorite theme, have some delicious food and lots of booze and you’re set.

Liv Nightclub Reopening This Weekend

LIV Miami is getting the party started now that the Miami-Dade curfew has been lifted. After being closed for more than a year, the famous Miami Beach nightclub announced its comeback on Instagram over the weekend—and it’s pulling all the stops.

Friday April 16 will feature Swedish DJ Alesso, one of Ultra Miami 2019’s headliners. It’ll mark the first time the celebrated Swedish DJ spins in the U.S. this year.

Saturday April 17 showcases the DJ duo Steven and Chris Martinez, better known as the Martinez Brothers, on the decks at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach nightclub on Saturday night. The Miami Music Week staples were scheduled to perform at the canceled Ultra Music Festival 2020 and we can’t wait to see them bring the heat.

Tickets are on sale and table reservations are available for both nights – expect both nights to be completely sold out as LIV finally comes out of hibernation.

Alesso at Liv 4/16/2021