Take A Dip Into One Of Miami Music Week 2022’s Pool Parties

Forget everything you know about partying because Miami Music Week 2022 is raising the bar on what it means to have a good time. March is going to be a wild month for parties, and what better way to kick off Miami Music Week 2022 than with a pool party? Just imagine it, your feet in the cool water, a delicious drink in your hand, and good music blasting through the air. What could be better?

Miami Music Week is going to be absolutely insane this year as hundreds of thousands of party goers descend on Miami to have the time of their lives. You do not want to miss out one the action, and a pool party is a perfect way to take a dip into all the excitement.

So without further delay, here are our top 2 picks for the best pool parties that Miami Music Week 2022 has to offer!

Starting at #1 is the Sunshine Boat Series. This highly anticipated yacht and pool party will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd and will be boarding at 1:00 PM. The price of tickets is going to range between $50 and $80, and the yacht will be taking off from the Bayside Mall next to the ferris wheel. You can purchase your tickets to the Sunshine Boat Series here.

If that sounds like fun, then you should be excited for our next pick. The Groove Cruise is unlike anything you’ve seen before as they take their legendary party to land for Miami Music Week 2022. This massive pool party will feature a ton of famous DJs like Gene Farris, Plastik Funk, Scotty Boy, and many more. Tickets are also going to be a lot cheaper at just $20, and you can purchase your tickets to The Groove Cruise here

These parties should help you get Miami Music Week 2022 started off on the right foot, and you’re going to want to get your tickets today before they sell out.

We’ll see you there!

Is A Boat Party The Best Way To Enjoy Miami Music Week 2022? (Spoiler: It Is)

History is full of some iconic combinations: peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, and a beautiful girl and an old billionaire to name a few, but when it comes to parties, nothing elevates the experience more than combining it with a boat. There’s something about the freedom of the open water as you sip a hand-crafted cocktail with the sun on the horizon that lets the weight of the world just fall off your shoulders.

If you’re like the rest of us and have been dying to set sail on one of Miami’s world famous boat parties, then you’re in luck because Miami Music Week 2022 is just around the corner! 

Miami Music Week 2022 is one of the biggest electronic music events in the country, and hundreds of thousands of people come every year during the month of March to live like there’s no tomorrow. This year, Miami Music Week 2022 is going to be hosting a ton of amazing events, so clear your calendars and get ready to hop aboard some of the fantastic boat parties that have just been announced.

To start off the action, Auris has announced their Arc at Sea yacht party on Saturday, March 26th, which will feature Justin Martin as the main DJ. This highly exclusive event is not something that you want to miss, and tickets start at $60. You can reserve your seat and purchase tickets to Justin Martin – Life Aquatic – ARC AT SEA here.

This next event features an artist that both literally and metaphorically promises to rock the boat with his electronic and house music. Join us on Sunday, March 27th for Dombresky – On A Boat as Dombresky creates a high-energy party complete with beautiful views, delicious drinks, and more. Prices start at just $65 and you can get your tickets to Dombresky – On A Boat here.

Another highly anticipated event is the Anjunafamily Boat Party which will be held on Friday March, 25th. One amazing thing about this yacht is that tables and bottle service will be available. This means you’ll be sitting on the lap of luxury as you get the full VIP treatment. You’ll get to hear music from artists like Reboot, Jaytech, Fatum, and more. Tickets start at just $50 while tables start at $375 (reserved for up to 4 guests). You can reserve your table or purchase tickets to Anjunafamily Boat Party here.

With hundreds of thousands of people coming to Miami and only a handful of boat parties announced so far, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that these tickets won’t last long! You can choose from our full list of boat parties here:

However if all boat parties are sold out, going to a day pool party in Miami is always a great option.

Best Cities for Dadchelor Parties

Congratulations to the dads-to-be and as your life is about to change, a dadchelor party is a must. So if you still need a bit more convincing on whether to plan a dadchelor party or not, read: Top 10 Reasons Why Dadchelors are a Great Idea. But if you are already convinced and ready for the farewell party with your bros, you’re in the right place. There are so many options so planning for the dadchelor party can be a bit overwhelming so here are the best 6 cities to host your party at:

1. Las Vegas

For the party animals that love to stay out late and dance all night, Las Vegas is a great place to be. You can walk around the Las Vegas strip and enjoy the different stores or go to a casino to play some poker. Then head to XS, Marquee or Drai’s Nightclub for a lively vibe, dancing all night. Go wild for old times sake before you can’t see your friends for the next 18 years. Las Vegas also has some of the best pool parties so make sure to check Encore Beach Club, Daylight Beach Club, or Drai’s Beach.

2. San Francisco

Looking for something a bit more laid back but still keeping your options open for last minute changes, San Francisco is your best choice. Gather up the guys and get your fishing gear because San Francisco bay has a large variety of fish for cool catches. After you’re done fishing, try some culturally diverse food from Fisherman’s wharf or Little Italy. And once you feel like drinking or partying it up, head to Raven Bar, DNA Lounge or Temple. 

3. Miami

Having a yacht party is one of the best ways to enjoy the Magic City. The beach parties at Hyde Beach or Nikki Beach can be just the thing you need before you get stuck at home changing diapers. Miami’s nightlife is full of great nightclubs, head to E11even, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, or LIV to show off your dance moves. At every place you go, grab a drink as you don’t know when your next time to drink will be. You can go to Miami beach’s rooftop lounges for nice scenes before your night ends. 

4. Hawaii

Grab your swimsuits because you’re about to spend a lot of time at the beach. Get ready to just lay down at the beach with mimosas or beer at hand.  Get your luggage ready and travel to Hawaii with your guys for a relaxing and/or adventurous week. You can go snorkeling, kayaking, diving, jet skiing and if you’re feeling a bit more risky, go shark diving! The beautiful islands are great views to enjoy sunsets and stay at luxurious hotels like Halekulani or The Kahala Hotel & Resort. It might be your last short vacation with the bros for a while so make the most out of it. 

5. New York City

Now, if you want it all, go to New York City. The vibrant city that never sleeps has almost anything you want to do. The bright lights at night and busy streets make it easy to enjoy a walk and bar hopping. You have to eat some Brooklyn pizza and try the variety of food offered in New York City. Maybe even take a helicopter ride to watch the breathtaking city from above. The lounges and bars in SoHo or midtown Manhattan are great places to grab drinks while enjoying nice scenes. When you’re ready, head to a nightclub to shake your booty or a karaoke place to sign your lungs out and drinks.  

6. Wyoming

Wyoming is the perfect location for an outdoor dadchelor party. Grab your bag and camping gear because there is nothing more beautiful than Yellowstone National Park. You can bring your beer and booze, and drink while you’re literally on top of the world. But if camping in a tent is not your thing, hike in the morning then go to your rented cabin with a game room and a hot tube for fun nights. Or you can head to Town Square for dining or horseback riding at Introduction to Rodeo.

Remember, if you prefer not to travel or you’re on a budget, a party in your background is just as fun. Decorate with your favorite theme, have some delicious food and lots of booze and you’re set.

Liv Nightclub Reopening This Weekend

LIV Miami is getting the party started now that the Miami-Dade curfew has been lifted. After being closed for more than a year, the famous Miami Beach nightclub announced its comeback on Instagram over the weekend—and it’s pulling all the stops.

Friday April 16 will feature Swedish DJ Alesso, one of Ultra Miami 2019’s headliners. It’ll mark the first time the celebrated Swedish DJ spins in the U.S. this year.

Saturday April 17 showcases the DJ duo Steven and Chris Martinez, better known as the Martinez Brothers, on the decks at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach nightclub on Saturday night. The Miami Music Week staples were scheduled to perform at the canceled Ultra Music Festival 2020 and we can’t wait to see them bring the heat.

Tickets are on sale and table reservations are available for both nights – expect both nights to be completely sold out as LIV finally comes out of hibernation.

Alesso at Liv 4/16/2021

Day of the Deadmau5 in Miami on Halloween

As we inch closer to safely hosted, live events making a full return, you can almost feel the excitement in the air. And what better way to welcome the scene back than by attending the massive Day of the deadmau5 in Miami during Halloween weekend? Fans have a lot to look forward to on October 28 – 31 as this experience is sure to provide enough thrills for all who choose to attend.

Kicking things off on Thursday, October 28 is sure to be massive ‘Are You Not Afraid?’ Welcome Party featuring the mau5’s techno alter ego TESTPILOT and a lineup jam-packed with special guests. Friday, October 29 will take the experience to the next level with an optional There Might Be Coffee’ Party Brunch, a deadmau5 Pop-Up Shop for all your merch needs. On the music front, mau5trap Records will showcase some of the label’s brightest talent, and deadmau5 himself will be rocking an unplugged sunset set. Hopefully, there will be a sampling of some of his favorite tracks from other producers along with classic deadmau5 sounds as a nice treat.

Day of the deadmau5 crescendos on Saturday, October 30 as the Pomegranate Pool Party kick starts the afternoon. What is sure to be one of the best events of the weekend, a lineup of top-tier talent hand-picked by deadmau5 himself will permeate the air. Later that evening, deadmau5 delivers the main event with his mind-blowing live show to truly cap off the spooktacular celebration all weekend long. October can’t come soon enough!

2019’s “Day Of The Deadmau5” was hosted at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and featured support from the late i_o, Lights, Getter, and Callie Reiff. The sets he throws down on Halloween are always special and add to the fan-favorite “day of the deadmau5” mix series. 

deadmau5 is currently gearing up for the debut of his highly-anticipated collaboration with REZZ. He also just shared a preview of a massive unreleased electro track that we are convinced features longtime collaborator Lights. There’s no doubt these tracks will get the live performance they deserve over Halloween 2021!

Experience packages offered exclusively through Pollen will be coming online in the coming days, so be sure to stay locked in for the on-sale dates, exclusive info, and more.

Accommodation + party passes start at $459 per person, party passes only (no hotel) start at $289. Reserve your packages before prices go up!

First Time Tips for Surviving Ultra Miami

Heading to Ultra Miami for the first time? Wondering what to expect? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. As grizzled veterans of Ultra (4 years and counting) we’ve got all the essential tips you’ll need to have a great time at your first Ultra!

1. Get the Ultra Miami app

The Ultra app includes set times, festival ground maps, bathroom locations, and a bunch of other useful stuff. We highly recommend getting the app beforehand – downloading it at the festival might be tough given the number of people. You can find the iOS version here, and the Android version here.

2. Bring a portable battery / charger

There are a few charging stations available in the venue, but we highly recommend bringing your own. Alternatively, you can get a battery case for your phone. There’s nothing worse than running out of juice at the end of the festival when you’re trying to call an Uber or look for your friends!

3. Set up a meeting place / time with your friends

If you’re going to Ultra with a group, there’s a good chance you’ll get separated. People will want to go to different stages, people will need to go to the bathroom, etc. Set up times and a meeting point for people to check in every few hours. Or maybe at the end of the night.

4. Dress appropriately

Be sure to check the weather forecast. Miami is usually pretty sunny around Ultra, but there have definitely been years where it’s rained. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes.

5. Eat and Hydrate

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if it’s hot and you’re dancing hard. Eating is also important to fuel the dance!

6. Arrive early or later

Ultra opens at 4 PM on Friday, but people usually start lining up earlier. If you’re trying to get in without as much waiting, we recommend arriving at 5 or 6 Friday. If you want to be first to get in, you may need to start lining up as early as noon on Friday. On Sat and Sun, doors open at noon. Lines usually aren’t as bad on these days because people gradually trickle in throughout the day.

7. Leaving Ultra

In general leaving a bit before the festival ends makes it way easier to catch a ride share / taxi / drive without dealing with traffic. In general it’s usually going to be a lot more pleasant to leave earlier or hang back and wait until the crowd thin out. There will be a lot of taxis lined up by American Airlines Arena. The bus also runs 24 hours a day, for those of you heading to South Beach.

8. Travel light but bring the right gear

Check out our guide on what to bring to Ultra.

9. Make sure everyone has their ID

Ultra will check your ID at the gate, so make sure everyone has it before leaving the hotel – or else you’ll have to run back and get it.

10. Pace yourself

Like all 3 day festivals, Ultra is a marathon not a sprint!

11. Afterparties

If you’re planning on going to after parties, it’s usually much smoother if you buy your afterparty tickets in advance. You’ll end up paying less than you will at the door, and in some cases a ticket is required to get in.

Lastly, don’t over plan your day!

Enjoy the sights and sounds, go with the flow, explore the festival, and meet new friends – Ultra Miami is one of the best EDM music festivals and you’re going to have a great time!

Club Space Miami Officially Reopening This Weekend

The first indoor nightclub is set to reopen in Miami this weekend. After mixed messages from the Governor of Florida and the Mayor of Miami, Club Space has set their reopening date for this Friday – with some strict COVID precautions.

In line with social distancing, the reimagined Club Space won’t have a dance floor, but will be aiming for a loft-centric venue with a “Jurassic jungle meets hippie market” twist. In addition, the club will be asking patrons to wear masks at the door and when leave your designated area, limit physical contact, and follow the simple sanitization and 20-second hand-wash guidelines posted throughout the venue.

On Saturday October 10th doors will open at 4 pm and close at 11 pm. The Martinez Brothers will be on the decks.

On Sunday October 11th doors will open at 6 am right on time to see the sunrise and close at 11 pm.

If all goes well, the following weekend will feature Maceo Plex.

There are two different parts of the venue – Club Space Terrace and The Ground at Space. Tickets/entry is only available by reservations.

Other indoor nightclubs in various cities world wide have been shut down after Coronavirus outbreaks were traced back to nightlife venues. Only time will tell if these measures are enough to prevent a similar outbreaks.

Top 10 Jazz Festivals in the USA

The USA is the birthplace of the magical musical genre of Jazz. Known as the first truly American art form, Jazz’s rise to global domination mirrored a young USA’s rise to be a superpower. Jazz is intrinsically intertwined with America’s history and has evolved over the years just as the nation has. As Jazz began to incorporate and mix in sounds from other genres, Jazz festivals began to relax the type of artists and artistry they featured at their events. Nowadays, Jazz festivals also include acts that inspire and have been inspired by Jazz; the only criteria for music selection seems to be an inclination towards creative ingenuity. If you thought that Jazz was dead, nothing could be further from the truth, the music genre is still popular today with many long time running music festivals as well as a few more current ones that have popped up in recent years.

Use the Discotech App to stay up to date on the most recent festival announcements!

PDX Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon

To celebrate Black History Month, PDX Jazz Festival was founded in 2004 to honor those who made Jazz what it is today with a series of concerts and events presented over the course of two weeks. PDX Jazz Festival takes over downtown Portland for eleven days every year in February, bringing some of jazz’s greatest stars to over a dozen venues across the city. This annual festival is dedicated to preserving America’s indigenous art form by presenting internationally recognized jazz masters alongside local musicians and includes education and outreach programs that extend into Portland’s schools and neighborhoods, as well as a generous offering of free performances.

Jazz In The Gardens Music Festival in Miami, Florida

Jazz in the Gardens has easily become the city of Miami’s premiere entertainment event. Having 15 years of history under its belt, Jazz in the Gardens celebrates diversity, culture and art. Through a stellar lineup of Jazz, R&B, Soul and World Beat, the festival showcases how various genres of music interact and influence each other. This inclusive approach to the lineup manifests itself in a uniquely uplifting atmosphere. Event goers find themselves entrenched in the rich beats and musical stylings that vibrate from the stage. The event not only brings world-renowned talent to Miami Gardens, but it gives local artists the opportunity to be seen, heard and possibly discovered. Jazz in the Gardens music festival is considered by many as the undeniable “travel destination for the spring.” Jazz in the Gardens occurs annually in March and serves as the inaugural event of the highly anticipated music festival season in Miami.

Reno Jazz Festival in Reno, Nevada

Reno Jazz Festival 2013

Almost 60 years old and organized by the University of Nevada, Reno Jazz Festival is not your normal festival experience. The event has a heavy focus on education, welcoming in students, educators, and professional musicians to the university for showcases, jam sessions, competitions and awards. The event regularly draws in crowds of nearly 10,000 students and their families each year with attendees coming in from within Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. Though this music festival might not have the same level of intensity as some of the other Jazz festivals on this list, it provides for a variety of family friendly and musical entertainment where you are undoubtedly able to learn about the rich history and culture of Jazz and celebrate it to the fullest.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, colloquially known simply as Jazz Fest, is perhaps the most famous Jazz festival in the entire world and is an annual celebration of the music and culture of New Orleans and the greater Louisiana. The Jazz Fest is used to also refer to events outside of the festival that make up this time of celebration. In the days leading up to it there are many activities for festival goers to enjoy, including many Jazz shows at unaffiliated New Orleans nightclubs. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival celebrates the unique bond between the city and the music nurtured there, and you are truly able to see how Jazz is the essence of the historic and rich city. Held from the last weekend in April into the first weekend in May, this festival is quite the tourist attraction with thousands of people coming into town to celebrate Jazz and immerse themselves in festival season. In fact, it could even be argued that outside of Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is the biggest event to take place in New Orleans in the entire year.

Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee

The Beale Street Music Festival came to life in the early 1970s when the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce developed plans for a festival, which would serve as a promotional umbrella for the numerous events Memphis hosted each May. Now this festival has transformed into a well-organized and highly budgeted month-long extravaganza for the entirety of May and has even hosted events that put the festival in the Guinness Book of World Records. In its 50 year run, the event has hosted pretty much every Blues or Jazz legend you can think of. Nowadays, the festival has broadened its scope of artists and always brings in a talented variety that festival goers always are able to appreciate.  

Jacksonville Jazz Festival in Jacksonville, Florida

The Jacksonville Jazz Festival is one of the largest free Jazz festivals in the country! Every Memorial Day Weekend since 1981, thousands of Jazz lovers from across the nation gather in Downtown Jacksonville to celebrate the music, culture and art of Jazz by the riverfront. Offering up a more traditional lineup of the biggest names in the genre, Jacksonville Jazz Festival has the feel of a street or block party, only instead of music coming out of your neighbors’ janky outdoor stereos, the sounds come from some of the most talented artists in the world doing their thing and performing their music.

Rochester International Jazz Festival in Rochester, New York

The CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival is one of the world’s leading Jazz festivals presenting legendary performers, familiar favorites, rising stars and new discoveries of talent and music from around the world. The multi-dimensional 11-day festival is held in downtown Rochester, NY, and features more than 1750 artists from around the world in over 320 shows at around 21 venues every year. Founded in 2002, the festival has grown from only being able to manage a crowd of 15,000 to now having around 210,000 festival goers attend it every year. Over its 16 years, the festival has welcomed a plethora of traditional and fusion royalty when it comes to the genre of Jazz who all know how to, of course, draw in an impressive crowd.

Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island

Established in 1954 by the Lorillards, a husband and wife pairing who were socialites in New York, Newport Jazz Festival is both older than its similarly famous sibling the Newport Folk Festival and also, reputably, the first annual American jazz festival to take place. Most of the early festivals were broadcast on Voice of America radio, and many performances were recorded and released as albums, which only goes to show the caliber of talent that was performing at the Newport Jazz Festival. These days, the event is even more impressive with artists such as Tony Allen, Herbie Hancock, and Jon Batiste as well as talented performers such as the Berklee College of Music Jazz Ensembles, Black Art Jazz Collective, and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.

Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, California

Turning 64 this year, The Monterey Jazz Festival is a music festival in Monterey, California that was founded on October 3, 1958 by Jazz disc jockey Jimmy Lyons. The festival is renowned as one of the best Jazz events in the world. Annually held on the 20-acre, oak-studded Monterey County Fairgrounds, the event welcomes over 500 artists every year and offers a diverse lineup of talent from passionate newbies all the way up to living legends in the Jazz scene. 

Chicago Jazz Festival in Chicago, Illinois

A multi-venue music event open to all ages, the Chicago Jazz Festival brings Jazz music to Downtown Chicago’s beautiful Millennium Park, as well as the inside of the nearby Chicago Cultural Center. The oldest of Chicago’s free lakefront music festivals boasts an incredibly diverse lineup, with artists who range from well-established Jazz legends to influential modern masters and crucial new voices, mixing both local and internationally renowned talent in the genre’s continuing evolution. The festival also arranges a large selection of free neighborhood concerts leading up to the main show at Millennium Park every year in August. 

Miami Nightclubs – 2021年迈阿密十大最佳夜总会

与纽约市,洛杉矶和拉斯维加斯等城市一样,当您想到以夜生活闻名的城市时,迈阿密可能是一个让人想到的地方。 迈阿密的夜生活是独一无二的,不仅与美国相比,而且与全世界相比。 在这些城市中,来自世界各地的各种各样的人们专门来参加深夜活动,这为野生的夜生活场景做出了贡献,这些场景在周末变得很辛苦,在一周中却很少放松。 有这么多种选择,您很容易对迈阿密的夜店开始感到困惑。

话虽如此,正如您所期望的那样,您的工作日选项池较小,热点不那么明显,并且总是在变化,并且您更容易被当地人包围(他们不太可能会见和交往) 游客)。 此外,迈阿密的闪光人物和社交圈人士更喜欢周一/周二/周三外出游玩,以享受更高程度的隐私/排他性,当地工薪阶层则在迈阿密庞大的服务业和旅游业中度过周末。

迈阿密美丽的阳光明媚的天气会整天保持良好的氛围,但是夜晚才是这座城市真正的活力所在。 世界上一些最好,最疯狂的俱乐部就坐落在这里,它们使聚会一直持续到太阳升起。 无论您决定在迈阿密结帐的哪个俱乐部,您都不会感到失望,但是与其他任何事物一样,还有一些脱颖而出。 让我们将您带到迈阿密十大最佳夜总会。


Crowded dance floor at LIV Miami Fontainbleau


坐落在时尚而富裕的Fontainebleau Hotel内,这家一流的夜总会一直被评为世界顶级夜生活场所之一。更不用说,它在经过耗资1000万美元的装修后重新开放,以开启夜总会的第十个营业季。 LIV主要专注于音乐和舞蹈,客人可以跳舞到黎明,成为房屋,嘻哈和拉丁之类的流派。场地是18,000平方英尺的醒目的建筑,具有高耸的天花板,充满活力的照明和标志性的圆顶。俱乐部的外观,声音和氛围融为一体,创造了一个环境,最吸引了高贵的宾客,使他们一整夜都回去。 LIV重新定义了迈阿密海滩的夜生活,并开创了夜生活体验。与LIV的自定义音乐混音和播放列表一起跳舞,其中通常包括正在重塑当今音乐的艺术家的现场表演,同时在四个全方位服务的酒吧之间跳来跳去,有才华的调酒师摇晃并混合您喜欢的饮料。 LIV还使您可以鸟瞰聚集迈阿密海滩俱乐部的宴会聚会者,同时在舒适的50个宴会区和六个提供餐桌服务的私人空中帐篷旁放松身心。


The busy dance floor at ELEVEN Miami


在E11even Miami的豪华高档娱乐场所中,享受难忘而无与伦比的夜晚,享受狂欢。 该俱乐部位于城市的中心,每周7天,每天24小时开放。 在这个超级俱乐部,您会发现一个充满活力,充满活力的夜总会现场,全天都有许多杰出的艺术家和DJ表演。 屡获殊荣的俱乐部还提供各种优质食品和饮料以及私人客房,所有客房均由细心的五星级服务人员运营。 E11even充满活力的背景和出色的款待使其成为迈阿密乃至全美最好的俱乐部之一。 如果您要在迈阿密举行单身派对,那么这个派对就必须把蛋糕当做您选择的场所。 真的没有别的了!


View from the DJ at Story Miami

没去过马戏团吗? 别担心,STORY举办了一场“同类中的一场”表演!

自2012年开业以来,STORY一直是迈阿密夜生活领域的领跑者。 俱乐部的创造者,夜生活专家和大人物戴维·格鲁特曼(David Grutman)和迈阿密营销集团(也负责LIV,前面已经提到)的努力可以归功于俱乐部中优质的夜生活和活力。 在这座位于市中心的27,000平方英尺的大型场地内,您将找到最先进的无限混合音响系统以及音乐会风格的灯光和视觉效果,这是迈阿密其他夜总会所无法比拟的 海滩。 STORY的内部生产和设计团队将场地变成了马戏团风格的奢华场所,没有什么令人震惊的地方。 通过融合先进的设计和精致的氛围,与高级瓶装服务相得益彰(其中包括60个独家VIP桌和5个全方位服务的酒吧),STORY提供了无与伦比的狂欢之夜。


Massive dance floor party at Club Space


如今,“Club Space”的名称已成为美国舞蹈音乐的代名词。 在其运营的18年中,Club Space一直是一流的俱乐部,夜生活爱好者可以在此体验创新的舞会和充满活力的俱乐部。 这些行为受到各种国际DJ和其他现场演奏的影响,这些现场演奏可以播放从Techno,House,EDM到嘻哈音乐的替代音乐。 该空间分为四个不同部分:地面(现场场地),弗洛伊德(通常被视为俱乐部的瑰宝,并举办折衷的房屋以及现场电子表演),阁楼(室内主要演奏嘻哈音乐) 音乐)和The Terrace(他们的室外屋顶区域,带来了迄今为止一些房屋和Techno最著名的表演)。 凭借其无拘无束的营业时间以及驻场DJ和来宾DJ的出色阵容,Space除了提供EDM(本地和国际)方面最好的服务外,无所不包。 这里的聚会不会在凌晨5点停止,您也不应该!


Small but crowded dane floor at WALL Miami

不要让这个地方的大小欺骗你; 当遇到一个好时机时,它充满了冲击力!

Wall Lounge位于W South Beach酒店,为聚会提供了一个更小巧,更私密的场所。 自2009年7月开业以来,Wall一直是迈阿密最令人垂涎的活动和独家客户的首选场地。 一旦您穿过天鹅绒绳索,并穿过构成俱乐部入口的银色门,您便会立即被带入VIP俱乐部场面。 凭借其丰富,深色和优雅的内饰,Wall体现了精致,豪华和时尚,热忱的服务是迈阿密所无法比拟的。 其独特而开放的设计使舞者在清晨时分不断舞动。



著名的夜生活场所老板Chris Paciello推出了Rockwell Nightclub,旨在创建一个融合洛杉矶的凉爽,纽约的音乐和迈阿密的活力的空间。该场所位于迈阿密海滩的华盛顿大街上,以前是南方独家住宅的所在地 诸如Les Bains和Chaos之类的海滩热点。在这里,450位宾客可以享受各种音乐形式和现场表演形式的娱乐。


Busy dance floor and themed party at Mynt Lounge


Mynt Lounge在南海滩South Beach声名狼藉,吸引了众多知名人士,贵宾和名人来宾-Jennifer Lopez,Paris Hilton,Britney Spears和Jamie Foxx,仅举几例。 其现代和豪华风格的装饰营造出一个奢华而奢华的空间,能量高昂,可能性无限。 室内音乐和当天的热门歌曲在高科技的LED灯具下以开放格式播放给一群跳舞的聚会参与者。 天花板上悬挂着明亮的频闪灯,使人们可以窥探迈阿密派对现场。 休息室配备了完整的吧台,但是Mynt“凭借其精巧的餐桌服务专注于满足客户需求。着装要求严格,因此如果您想通过该地区最严格的门禁政策之一,则衣服会给人留下深刻的印象。Mynt有时也 周末举行特别活动,包括现场娱乐表演和客串DJ。


Crowd close to the DJ at Treehouse in Miami


Treehouse是一间两室一厅的房屋,由Techno联合管理,是迈阿密海滩上终极俱乐部的所在地。 Treehouse装潢活泼,有野蛮的客户群,营造出了一种类似于二手房聚会的氛围。 该场所在网上带来了良好的共鸣,并拥有迈阿密最好的深层住宅和技术风格,并定期提供更多地下DJ,例如Cassy,Matt Tolfrey和Scuba。 这里的气氛超级低调而随意。 在树屋里,不需要花哨的衣服。 如果您漫步到后院的AstroTurf地毯,您真正需要的是一双舒适的舞鞋。

Blue Martini (Brickell)

Blue Martini party dance floor in Miami


Blue Martini位于Brickwell的中间,是该市最热门的高档夜总会之一。 Blue Martini拥有美丽的氛围,美丽的人和最佳的现场娱乐表演,是欢乐时光爱好者的热门之地。 在他们传奇的欢乐时光中,您将可以与人群进行社交和交流。 您可以随意品尝其中一种美味的新鲜马提尼酒,然后在露台上闲逛,或者通宵畅游,欣赏中心舞台上最受欢迎的现场音乐。 下班后或独自或与朋友一起忙碌的一天或下班后,到这里放松一下,无论您心情如何,Blue Martini都拥有完美的氛围。

Mr Jones

mr jones miami

这是位于迈阿密海滩的更高档次的高档俱乐部之一。 Mr Jones的音响系统虽然强大,但其音响系统,精心设计和私密的内饰吸引了众多漂亮和有钱人。 知名的DJ会定期与本地有才华的人士一起在场地上表演。 Mr Jones以对室内音乐和嘻哈音乐的敬意而闻名,是在迈阿密海滩上最新出现的“ it”景点。

如您所见,访问迈阿密时有很多有趣的聚会场所! 如果您要寻找酒吧或休息室,我们强烈建议您首先查看迈阿密的顶级俱乐部,因为这座城市拥有世界上一些最好,最有趣的俱乐部。

迈阿密众多传统舞蹈夜总会提供众多夜生活选择,包括多种音乐风格,包括电子,嘻哈,巴西/拉丁。 请注意,大多数在周末开放的俱乐部还设有一个标志性的工作日晚上,据称他们吸引了更多的人群,例如 星期一是Mokai或Rockwell,星期三不坐,而Ora星期四。

除了传统的舞蹈俱乐部外,周三最热闹的聚会场所将是当地人闲逛的地方:Brickell和Coconut Grove的欢乐时光酒吧,新兴的Wynwood的餐馆和潮人/艺术家休息室,当然还有Miami的 著名的(臭名昭著的)脱衣舞俱乐部:Tootsies,King of Diamonds,G5ive和E11even,后者实际上是一个混合式脱衣舞俱乐部概念,值得在一周的任何一天进行检查。 当然,在旅游旺季(3月至6月)期间,即使是南滩旅游陷阱酒吧也像周末一样挤满了大学生以及欧洲和南美游客。



迈阿密南海滩的最佳俱乐部是Hyde Beach/Hyde Lounge, Treehouse, Basement, Rockwell,Cameo,Wall LoungeMokai


迈阿密最好的EDM俱乐部是Liv,Story,Space,Trade,E11even,Wall Lounge和Basement。


迈阿密最好的嘻哈俱乐部是Rockwell,Cameo,Mokai,Mr Jones和Liv / Story(在某些晚上,请检查即将发生的事件)。






男生可以穿漂亮的牛仔裤和合身的普通T恤或漂亮的纽扣衬衫。 如果愿意,女孩可以穿牛仔裤或舒适却时尚的衣服。 当然,男孩和女孩在打扮方面永远不会出错-在夜总会里,根本没有过分打扮的事情。


大多数SoBe俱乐部的女孩都认同相同的概念:短,紧身,多乳沟,并配以高高的平台或细高跟鞋。 动物图案和水钻发现在南海滩很常见。 在迈阿密外出的女孩子穿裙子和高跟鞋,没有牛仔裤,没有凉鞋,没有平底鞋。 裙子越小,高跟鞋越高,您看起来越好和性感。


您可以使用我们的免费mobile app预订餐桌服务。 或者,如果您使用的是台式机,则可以使用我们的webapp


最低赌桌可能会变得非常昂贵,但每个场所都不尽相同。 找出答案的最佳方法是使用我们的app


在大多数俱乐部,平均每晚的保底费为20至40美元。 在假期的周末或有大才干的活动中,期望付出更多。 通常,您可以在才华横溢的夜晚提前购买门票,这通常比在门口支付普通门票便宜。


迈阿密最好的名人热点是Rockwell,E11even,King of Diamonds和Liv。


南佛罗里达州的大多数夜总会只向法定饮酒年龄开放。 但是,如果您年满18岁但还未满21岁,您仍然可以在迈阿密参加一些活动。 查看Discotech App,了解即将在Club Space和1-800-LUCKY举办的18多个活动。 也有超过18岁的节日,例如Ultra Miami。


迈阿密俱乐部通常要到凌晨5点才关门。 如果您之后仍想参加聚会,我们建议您使用Club Space(Techno til上午9点),e11even(半脱衣舞俱乐部半夜总会,开放时间为24/7)和King of Diamonds(全脱衣舞俱乐部,至6AM开放 )。


如果您是女孩,则可以免费与发起人一起进入,或者您可以提早到达那里,并希望保镖喜欢您的“外表”。 对于像Liv和Story这样的俱乐部,您可以提前购买门票。 您也可以出现并支付一般入场费。 当然,总有瓶服务选项。

Best DJ Khaled Songs of All Time – Top 5 Tracks

DJ Khaled, is an American DJ, record executive, songwriter, record producer, and media personality. Khaled is gone on to become one of the most prominent names in music.

Khaled gained worldwide attention as a media personality, and subsequently attained a large following on social media. This foresaw the release of his ninth studio album Major Key in 2016. The album attained wholesale critical and commercial success; it debuted atop the Billboard 200, it was certified gold, and received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. He released his tenth studio album, Grateful, in 2017, which contained the singles “I’m the One” and “Wild Thoughts”, which charted at number one and number two on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and was also certified platinum. His eleventh album, Father of Asahd, was released in 2019; it peaked at number two on the Billboard 200.

With his increased popularity DJ Khaled has gained himself appearances at popular clubs such as LIV in Miami and Marquee in Las Vegas.

See a full list of upcoming DJ Khaled shows here.

Without further ado, DJ Khaled’s top 5 tracks of all time:

5. DJ Khaled -For Free ft. Drake

4. DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

3. DJ Khaled – I’m The One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, & Lil Wayne

2. DJ Khaled – I’m On One ft. Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

1. DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win ft. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg

BONUS: DJ Khaled – I Got The Keys ft. Future & Jay Z