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Bang Bang Nightclub San Diego

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Bang Bang Nightclub San Diego

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Industry, the speculation surrounding this new expansion bloomed in later on last year. A casting call for San Diego was advertised on Instagram by Insomniac with their sights set specifically on finding new team members who were bartenders, promoters, artist liaisons, and more. EDM Identity has independently confirmed that interviews took place for these new jobs. Further, sources have said that the club will be rebranded with a new name, NOVA SD.

Technology is at the forefront with a massive concave LED screen above the DJ area, completely programmable for an immersive experience of both sight and sound. The lighting system creates rich and dynamic effects throughout, complemented by a state-of-the-art custom sound system by industry leader L’Acoustics Sound Technology. Together, the lighting and sound effects create a striking interplay with the space’s inventive design to create an experience of layers and dimensions.

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Best Nightclubs in San Diego in 2023

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California To Reopen Concert Venues Starting April 15

As COVID-19 numbers have been falling, California has announced it will reopen indoor concerts beginning on April 15. Dee Dee Meyers, senior advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom and Director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, said,

“As we continue to expand vaccine distribution, California is poised for a safe and equitable recovery. We will continue to work with businesses, arts, organizations, community groups and others to open carefully, with health and safety top of mind, so that we never have to go backwards.”

For those who wish to attend concerts, they will have to show either proof of a negative COVID test, or that they have been fully vaccinated. Additionally, concert reopenings will also depend on where each county sits on California’s tier system.

Indoor venues in purple tier cities (classified as “widespread” COVID positivity rate) will not be able to reopen. For venues with a capacity of up to 1,500 people, red tier capacity will be limited to 10% or 100 people, with the number allowing 255 if all guests are tested or show proof of vaccination. In venues with a capacity of over 1,500, testing or proof of vaccination is required, with capacity limited to 20%.

Orange tier venues with a capacity of 1,500 will be limited to 15% or 200 people, with capacity increased to 35% with proof of a negative COVID test or full vaccination. Venues with a capacity of over 1,500 will be limited to 10% or 2,000 people, with capacity increased to 35% following proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

Yellow tier capacity in venues of up to 1,500 will be limited to 25% or 300 people, with capacity increasing to 50% if all guests show proof of a negative test or full vaccination. Venues with more than 1,500 will be limited to 10% or 2,000 people, with capacity increasing to 50% if all guests show proof of a negative test or full vaccination.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement last month that the city will clear venues to reopen at 33% in the month of April.

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San Diego Nightclubs and Bars Currently Reopen After Coronavirus

There’s currently no timeline for San Diego nightclubs and bars to reopen after coronavirus.

Check back here for the latest updates!

San Diego Nightclubs Currently Open

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San Diego Bars Currently Open

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Are you a nightclub owner or bar that would like to be added to this list? Feel free to email us at

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Best Clubs with Free Guest List in San Diego

Today, were off to check out some of the best clubs in San Diego that offer a free Guest List! DISCLAIMER ALERT: Before we begin, I have to inform you good readers of TWO very important things.

First, know that not every single one of these venues will always have free guest list for an event. Depending on who’s performing, there may not be a guest list for that night, even if there has been free Guest List 10 nights before.

Second, not every guest list will be free. Even if a Guest List was free Friday, it may not be Saturday. More often then not, depending on who’s performing, the Guest List is subject to change.

So how do you check to see Guest List details? Discotech has made this difficult and tedious process easy and simple. So, are you still looking for the best clubs offering free Guest List in San Diego? Now you can see upcoming events, sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our helpline directly at 415-735-6716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in San Diego.

Now back to our list. As you may already know, these lists are in alphabetical order, not ranking order. That way we can provide details and pictures and let you decide which club most appeals to you. So, to find your next favorite free spot in San Diego, look no further. Here we go!

El Chingon

Inspired by Pancho Villa and the pistoleros of the Mexican Revolution, El Chingon is a new badass club in the San Diego Gaslamp. With an exciting menu featuring some Mexican classics, they serve only the best of the best when it comes to ingredients and spirits.

Nothing makes great Mexican food better than a little something to quench your thirst! Aside from their curated selection of tequilas, mezcales and sotoles, they’ve carefully crafted a drink menu that will pair perfectly with any menu item or stand boldly alone. For those looking to elevate their nightlife experience, El Chingon offers bottle service to those really looking to party. Make sure to check out up coming events at El Chingo to sign up for Guest List and see who’s performing!


FLUXX has shown itself to be the next big thing in nightlife and event venues. Located in downtown San Diego, this ever-evolving venue commands your full sensory attention from the moment you step inside the doors.

From touchable design textures and vibrant pops of color to the pulsating sound system, tantalizing cocktails, an amazing bottle service selection and views, FLUXX finds a way to pull you into its world and leave you with higher expectations of “a night on the town.”

With world class entertainment and A-list celebrity guests, you are sure to not only see the stars, but feel like one yourself! True to its name, FLUXX nightclub’s mood are kept in a constant state of change. Guests remain intrigued with the regular shifts in theme and style, creating a unique experience with every new transformation.

Whether you are drenched in an underwater fantasy with mermaids, or riding a psychedelic rainbow next to giant mushrooms, there is one thing that is for sure…you never know where FLUXX is going to take you next. Luckily for you, entry is free (depending on the night) with FLUXX Guest List through Discotech!


Modeled after her sister club in Las Vegas, Omnia San Diego ups the ante for San Diego nightlife, featuring top tier talent on a weekly basis, with DJs such as Gareth Emery, Afrojack, 3LAU, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto gracing the decks.

When guests walk through the doors on the corner of Sixth and Island Ave., they will immediately be immersed into the dark, provocative and intriguing world that is OMNIA, covered with burgundy velvet wallcovering at the ticketing desk and a mirrored portal lined with mesmerizing LED screens.

Party-goers enter the club’s main room, which comes in hot at 8,000 square feet of ornate black, gold and dark walnut tones. Gold leather banquette-style booths surround the dance floor, enhanced with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. Look for the signature black and gold custom wall and horizontal LED strips pulsating to the beat of music.

Then of course, guests can make their way to the main bar before heading upstairs. For the best view of the club, VIP boxes equipped with bottle service line the 4,000-square-foot balcony that offers an exclusive vantage point of the dance floor. A separate balcony bar serves libations here, too, designed with a wallcovering reminiscent of tin ceiling patterns. Continuing upward, a 7,000- square-foot rooftop terrace incites a romantic garden scene under the stars, lined with tiered cabanas, sofas and enchanting greenery.

The rooftop, with views of the Gaslamp, will also feature its own DJ booth mounted on a platform for an enhanced audience experience. With all this, you would be crazy not to sign up for Guest List at Omnia.

Onyx Room

Onyx Room Nightclub has represented what is best in San Diego’s nightlife for years. Featuring a variety of local San Diego spun DJs and international talent along with world-class bottle service. Onyx has created a night-time destination for all.

With music genres from hip hop, mash-ups, top 40 and party rock to house, electronic, dubstep, 80’s and reggae they have something to offer for everyone. What really makes a dance club are the people. It is here that Onyx has captured something special as it attracts an open minded, up-for-anything and above all, incredibly friendly crowd.

Onyx brings something different to the culture of San Diego’s downtown nightlife. It is a nightclub at ease with all the details that make a club really work, and an unusually tight synergy in the music. Join Onyx’s nightclub in the Gaslamp district for a great time! Check out upcoming events at Onyx to sign up for Guest List!


Parq SD. So what’s this highly-anticipated new hotspot all about? The restaurant and club together make up 40,000 square feet of entertainment space, all designed by the renowned designer Davis Ink.

Chandeliers guide party-goers through a dark brick tunnel and onto the dance floor. Contrasting textures and colors stimulate the senses, as seen on the booth upholstery, custom metal tree branch dividers and warm walnut wood tones.

Ladies, listen up: A women’s makeup lounge will be available with its own bar, where makeup artists are ready for whatever you could want. A video confessional and photo booth will also ramp up the fun. While you’re exploring, take note of the luxury VIP tables, a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting, whose work includes the Electric Daisy Carnival and Drai’s in Las Vegas. Looking to hop on the Guest List? We got you! Click upcoming events at Parq to reserve your spot today!


Sevilla Nightclub was launched in 1987 and has been drawing fans of the many forms of Latin and Spanish music and dance ever since. They offer an intimate ambiance, a roomy dance floor, VIP bottle service amenities, Salsa lessons, Bachata lessons, and Merengue lessons throughout the week.

Sevilla Nightclub delivers a unique atmosphere with a Latin and open format DJs plus live entertainment. Click upcoming events at Sevilla Nightclub to get on the Guest List!

Side Bar

Side Bar, an intelligent combination of both ultra lounge and nightclub, provides a dynamic aesthetic with classic sex appeal. A mismatched array of leather booths and velvet couches lend themselves to be both lounge seating and bottle service tables.

A cluster of maroon birdcages dangle from the lofted ceiling above the front lounge. The caged theme continues to the focal point of the club; a life-size birdcage that houses the DJ and doubles as a stage for go-go’s to climb in and tease the high-energy dancing crowd that gathers below.

A custom-designed ambient lighting package provides just the right mood for any given event while the unique collection of erotic paintings and decor provide subtle distractions. Side Bar is one of the best hip hop nightclubs in San Diego, and they offer an experience that is both stimulating and suggestive depending upon where you are standing. For free entry, click upcoming events at Side Bar and hop on the Guest List!